Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated | Podcast and Video of Show


4:07: Biden’s pathetic fear porn (he’s no FDR)

4:17: Every 80 years?

4:26: Jesus from Taco Tote enters the KIVA to talk about his restaurant’s challenging year (if you live beyond the station’s terrestrial signal, check them out in San Antonio or Tucson or Laredo or Chihuahua....)

4:38: Eddy confirms that he will be a candidate for CD1 (assuming DUI Deb joins the Biden cabinet)

4:43: He’s said it before, and he says it again: “This is the second American Revolution.”

4:50: Eddy’s deep dive into the failures of Steve Pearce and the Republican Party of New Mexico

5:06: “These people are angry at me because I call them out on their BS — and they don’t like it.”

5:20: The U.S. Census Bureau is out with its latest estimate for state populations in 2020 — Dowd offers a quick look at the disappointing data

5:22: Sander Rue — a “loss,” or good riddance?

5:25: A caller weighs in on Biden’s depressing “leadership”

5:27: Brittany from Sunnyside Up Breakfast and Lunch Café chats with Rudy about her restaurant’s community involvement and its unique, creative menu

5:45: “Sunny” — Bobby Hebb or Marvin Gaye?

5:47: Dean and Bev from Amazing GRACE Personal Care Services discuss how their firm helps with cognitive care, light housekeeping, food preparation, and related tasks, and thus gives “the family a break” (contact them to obtain “the helping hands you need to maintain your elderly or physically challenged loved one”)

5:58: A caller sends his best wishes to the 308th Military Intelligence Battalion

6:12: Dowd explains what’s up with the yet-to-be-written resignation letter from Kamala Harris

6:18: Trump’s pardons

6:25: Eddy is still lovin’ Real America’s Voice

6:27: Eddy and Natalie’s new hit song, “Lujan Grinch” (“all the compassion of a starving grizzly bear”)

6:35: Oh, do not get Dowd started on Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)….

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