Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Friday, December 18th, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated | Podcast and Video of Show


4:07: Everyone’s on lockdown anyway, so GATHER with your FAMILY!

4:11 Virgin Galactic’s CEO “recently sold a substantial” number of his shares in the “company” -- not good news, given New Mexico's massive “investment” in Spaceport America

4:17: If Trump becomes a private citizen again, will he buy Fox News?

4:18: Eddy’s watching America's Real Voice

4:19: The data on Virgin Galactic’s insider vs. public sales -- wow, scary!

4:30: A caller who works for a small food distributor says that the lockdown has “devastated our business,” and Eddy asks what we can do

4:36: A caller asks about how the “irregularities” impact non-presidential races (e.g., Michigan’s John James)

4:38: A caller can’t get data on where the “hot spots” are in the northern part of the state, and Eddy warns about contact tracing

4:45: Dowd reads stories about businesses defying “public health” orders, inspiring Eddy to think out loud about the “Rock of Talk Coalition” -- a possible way to reopen the Land of Enchantment

4:53: Your texts on coal, state employees, MLG’s “leadership,” fearing the governor, and hydroxychloroquine

5:07: Can the president pardon himself?

5:08: Dowd answers a texter’s question about COVID-19 “deaths” in hospice care

5:10: The “general public” of New Mexico won’t get the vaccine until spring -- wait, isn't New Mexico a national “leader” in fighting the Rona?

5:11: MLG thought she was going to D.C. (guess not), her “rebuilding year” a dozen years ago, and her “haughty and arrogant behavior”

5:26: Hector Balderas off to D.C., seriously?

5:40: BRL’s “accomplishments”

5:43: The Covington kids sued DUI Deb (and Fauxcahontas), but a judge let them off

5:45: Eddy participated in a matanza, and it was a wild time

5:50: Caller Michael weighs in on the Covington kids and the Vietnam vet who turned “out to be a wino”

6:07: This just in: Eddy’s sources say it’s Hector -- with all females lately in top-tier New Mexico politics, “this is turning into a male Hispanic seat”

6:13 Donald Trump got more votes in 2020 than MLG got in 2018 (look it up!)

6:16: Power the Future exposed MLG’s energy hypocrisy

6:18: Elephants vs. donkeys over the 2021 session

6:29: Eddy thinks the NM GOP should use its limited resources to fight for CD1

6:31: Louie Sanchez swings by the KIVA to reminisce with Eddy about the old days, bash Balderas for assisting an administration that has “destroyed” small business in New Mexico, note the fact that even “Biden won’t even take” MLG, and tell listeners that he’s considering a run in the special election