Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Friday, December 4th, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated


1:30: Larry Behrens is a student of every facet of MLG’s awfulness

3:00: Eddy’s battle with “milquetoast Republicans”

4:15: Dan Boyd got in touch

5:00: Eddy will be done with politics when he’s 75

6:45: Kelly Fajardo is … problematic

8:10: Langston is a father again

8:25: Eddy’s latest pitch to GOPers looking for a new (i.e., successful) direction for their party

11:40: They didn’t even run Eddy’s bio

13:40: Crimson Tide is a good movie

14:25: “Can you believe that? A poll tax! What kind of Republican Party do we have here?”

15:05: Who the heck is Rick Rice?

23:10: Eddy’s love for the Lobos, The Pit, and Kelvin Scarborough

36:00: John Block enters the KIVA and topic #1 is the loathsome Tripp Stelnicki

42:00: Ben Ray begged, in vain, for his “cousin”

45:20: No lines after Thanksgiving — really?

49:40: MLG’s “concession prize”

52:05: A caller describes the investigation, and raid, of the (Chinese?) weed-growing operation in the Navajo Nation (and reads her “Fauci Christmas card”)

1:20:30: The New Mexico Crisis And Access Line

1:21:20: Sucharit Bhakdi is one more medical professional brave enough to speak out against Rona Madness, plus Fauci Fascism’s “preventative measures”

1:25:15: We miss the Most Interesting Man in the World

1:27:30: His name must be kept secret, but a KIVA source in real science has once again shown that the official numbers for COVID-19 “deaths” just don’t add up (just like the recent JHU findings)

1:30:10: The Rona is like AIDS — it is very discriminating

1:35:30: Callers spark discussions about Rona paranoiacs’ obsession with testing, the prospect of employers requiring their workers to get vaccinated, and Mini Mussolini being “off her chain” (does her boyfriend even want her around anymore?)

1:45:10: The best scene in Blazing Saddles (WARNING: snowflakes can’t handle this)

1:49:30: A favorite caller tells the story of a state worker who was assured he’ll be “positive,” eventually — and relates how he stood up for Eddy with the GOP

1:53:20: A caller’s Biden-voting mother told him, “I think I need a gun”

1:55:40: A caller doesn’t want the government to mandate the vaccine, and reports on an hour + wait at Costco

1:58:15: A caller provides an update on hospitals, and describes how his wife tested positive with no transmission to him

2:06:00: Why aren’t hurricanes named after women anymore?

2:07:40: Dowd hates, hates, hates feminism (so does Eddy, so does Rudy)

2:17:25: Another caller’s wife got the Rona, but he didn’t

2:29:15: A caller agrees that feminism is destructive, and reminds us that men share plenty of the blame

2:35:40: Phil Donahue is a dope

2:36:55: A caller laments his mother’s embrace of feminism and touts the wisdom of Jordan Peterson

2:44:10: A book well worth your time: The War Against Boys

2:44:40: Your texts and calls wrap up the show and the week (special appearance by Yoko Ono!)

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