Complete 'Rock of Talk' Show from Friday, November 20th, 2020 | Journaled and Annotated


0:30: It’s official — New Mexico now has the seventh-worst unemployment rate in the nation

0:50: Rudy’s had “a very tough 24 hours,” and he tells us what’s going on

3:00: Eddy’s thoughts on the media ignoring yesterday’s blockbuster press conference

4:00: KIVA “couldn’t get the feed” of MLG’s fear-pornfest yesterday (hmm...)

4:30: MLG has found “more than a quarter of a billion dollars” to give businesses “relief” (be careful what you wish for), lines are forming at stores almost everywhere, mental health is collapsing, and where’s the GOP?

09:20: What’s the purpose of taking the week off — we’ve been taking the whole damn year off!

13:30: New on our website: A look at the lack of transparency over Albuquerque’s pitch to be be the HQ for U.S. Space Command and today’s debate over the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election

14:50: Natalie and Rebecca will be in tomorrow for their hit show on KIVA

24:05: The Piñon Post’s John Block stops by the KIVA to discuss MLG’s plan for a special session, possible election-observer chicanery in Bernalillo County, “a very, very significant amount of fraud allegations in the state of New Mexico,” and the prospect of the absurdly unimpressive U.S. Rep. Deb Haaland actually joining the cabinet as the head of the U.S. Department of the Interior

46:10: Why weren’t listeners able to pick up the Rock of Talk on Alexa?

49:00: A texter’s daughter — just 16 years old — recently attempted suicide

50:50: Dowd’s mini-rant on the demonstrable fact that when it comes to the collateral damage of her lockdowns, the governor simply “doesn’t care”

58:30: Is transporting mini-horses on I-25 an “essential” activity?

1:00:45: A new poll has found that a whopping 47 percent of likely voters believe it is “likely that Democrats stole votes or destroyed pro-Trump ballots in several states to ensure that Biden would win”

1:03:20: “In a sworn declaration, a respected mathematician says his analysis of election data and phone interviews with Pennsylvania voters raises questions about as many as 100,000 absentee ballots requested in the key battleground state where President Trump and Joe Biden are separated by just about 82,000 votes.”

1:06:35: A caller wails that “if nobody puts their neck on the line…” — and Eddy’s response is, um, intense

1:19:50: A caller sparks a discussion of the Deep State, the Intelligence Community, and the Ivy League (ugh)

1:25:25: A caller ponders where Yvette Herrell is hiding herself

1:29:00: Sidney Powell’s comments from yesterday’s press conference (she calls out both parties)

1:31:25: Dowd sings the praises of his “new girlfriend,” Jenna Ellis

1:35:10: Your texts and calls re: You Should Sue Guy, legal corruption, study buddies, what you should think about what people think about you, Tool, the awfulness of the mainstream media, military flights increasing, voting-machine confusion, and air-gapping

1:57:40: All of us associated with KIVA are grateful for your listenership and support — go live your lives!

2:03:50: KIVA doesn’t run PSAs, because we are a PSA!

2:04:10: Eddy kicks off his detailed pitch for his campaign for the chairmanship of the Republican Party of New Mexico

2:05:48: Dowd recalls Andrew Breitbart’s immortal line, “Politics is downstream from culture”

2:22:10: Eddy takes a walk down Memory Lane regarding his time in Democratic Party politics: Raymond Sanchez, Maggie Hart Stebbins, Tom Udall, Billy Sparks, Bill Richardson, Wesley Clark, the Clintons, Eli Segal, Eddie Gilbert, and why he walked away

2:40:12: Your texts and calls wrap up the week: MLG, the Great Reset, non-Google searching, Valencia County goes GOP in a big way, and poor ol’ Sleepy Joe

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