Jul 28, 2022 • 2HR 12M

Complete Rock of Talk Radio Show from Wednesday, July 27th 2022 | Journaled and Annotated | Commercial-Free Podcast

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The Rock of Talk - Eddy Aragon
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Trump's America First Speech Was a Soft Launch for 2024 - The Atlantic

0:00: Eddy starts the show declaring that “you’re only as good as the person you’re listening to,” highlighting the Fed’s interest-rate hike, noting the bad optics of Mike Pence’s counter-rally yesterday, and praising POTUS #45’s take on drug dealers and the “homeless”

0:10: An “alert” interrupted the last segment, so Eddy broadcasts The Donald’s comments again

0:21: China’s real-estate woes, about “one in four children Australian adults have moved back in with their parents,” and in America, the “rising cost of living is forcing more people to move back in with their parents”

0:33: More on moving back with mom and dad — Eddy’s not a fan of these folks

0:44: A deeper dive on the Pew data

0:54: Dowd’s new piece on Dot Chat looks at the difference between poverty and self-destructiveness

1:06: Your texts, and Dowd gets back to the stats — New Mexico is not poor, it is self-destructive!

1:17: Crickets from Canada, moving home with mom and dad in the UK, and how the European Union nations stack up

1:27: Eddy predicts that Netflix will be out of business before the end of the decade, and your texts react to Dowd’s poverty piece

1:48: The average Joe knows what a recession is — consumer confidence is down, sales of single-family homes are down

2:00: “Meta” is hurting, Best Buy has cut its forecast, and Obama’s summer listening list

2:07: The Most Clicked Links from today’s Blast

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