Feb 11, 2022 • 2HR 33M

Complete Rock of Talk Radio Show from Thursday, February 10th 2022 | Journaled and Annotated | Commercial-Free Podcast and Full Show Video Playback

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The Rock of Talk - Eddy Aragon
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0:00: Rona madness continues in Scotland and Illinois, but for maximum feasible lunacy, you gotta go with New Mexico

0:14: Chris, from Furniture on Consignment, thinks the state’s mask madness is “so infuriating”

0:20: The latest data from Dr. X show that “New Mexico is still the deadliest state for young working age adults”

0:25: With the “vaccine” failing, they’ve moved back to masking — it’s a visible indicator of public compliance/capitulation (plus, inflation is out of control, energy might be rationed, and law enforcement walks away)

0:31: A caller tells us about her “COVID experience”

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