Mar 19, 2022 • 2HR 35M

Complete Rock of Talk Radio Show from Friday, March 18th 2022 | Journaled and Annotated | Commercial-Free Podcast and Full Show Video Playback

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0:00: It’s a “fun Friday,” as Eddy is joined by Jim Hammond — they start with the need to “grab yourself a Guinness” (great stats), and move on to the India Palace “hate crime” that is looking more and more … problematic

0:30: Dowd weighs in with his latest posting for “Pledge Week” — you gotta subscribe to!

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0:35: Your texts on supporting our advertisers, the Illuminati, Guinness and skim milk, and blaming everything on Putin — plus the best way to defund ESPN’s nonsense is to cut the cord and subscribe to The Rock of Talk!

0:43: We all need to be more aware of the sex-trafficking problem (ask a couple of Disney employees), and the secret is revealed — the KIVA has Jesse Pinkman’s futon!

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