Dec 15, 2021 • 2HR 40M

Complete Rock of Talk Radio Show from Tuesday, December 14th, 2021 | Journaled and Annotated | Recording and Video Playback

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0:00: Eddy starts with some good news — “the off-road vehicle was located on the 200 block of 65th Street in northwest Albuquerque” (plus, where the hell has Keller been, and the people willing to put their money where their mouths are to “help bring the killer of Marcos Baca to justice”)

0:23: Your texts, plus a look at the slate of horrifical child mistreatment lately — Pronoy Bhattacharya, the two-year-old in Rio Rancho, James Dunklee Cruz, and a “one-year-old child” who “ingested drugs” in Grant County (Eddy reports that amazingly, CYFD is “shutting down certain centers”)

0:37: Eddy has some info on the Islamic Center incident that — shockingly — doesn’t fit the “hate crime” narrative

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