Complete 'Rock of Talk' Podcast from Wednesday, September 8th, 2021 | Journaled and Annotated


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0:00: Catch Eddy tomorrow at GOP HQ at 4:00 pm!

0:04: Dr. X is amazing, and we’re grateful for his contributions to our program — read Dowd’s latest piece at (subscribers only) for his fresh data!

0:26: Don’t take any organization’s word as the absolute truth — everything is politicized now, and more than ever, you need to “do your own research”

0:30: Your texts, including the observation that “the mask is their God”

0:40: A caller had “the COVID back in March” and has been “fine” since recovering

0:46: “The New Mexico Supreme Court issued an order denying a petition filed by mayoral candidate Manny Gonzales.”

0:51: Thomas Grover, a curious figure who used to love Keller, but now shills for Manny

Twitter avatar for @vannschaffnerVann Schaffner MD @vannschaffner
Didn’t age well. #ABQ

Thomas Grover 🇺🇸 @ThomasRGrover

Glad to see the pendulum swing back and prove once again what’s right can be of might!!! Congrats to Tim Keller and all his supporters!! @tk4abq #nmpol #Albuquerque

0:59: Your texts on contributing to the campaign, steering Manny voters to Eddy, and sleeping next to a wife with COVID and not getting sick (kids neither)

1:02: Back to Thomas Grover, a lawyer with a lot of issues — the death of Mary Han, Pete Dinelli, a texter’s story about his “continued, unwanted sexual advances,” a disturbing malpractice suit, hanging out where he shouldn’t have been, an odd “press conference,” and his appearance on a cable-access show in … Danbury, Connecticut?

1:39: “We have a culture of corruption here in this state — and a culture of dependency.”

1:46: MLG’s narcissistic personality disorder


1:49: A glum Murder Mike, “blacked out again,” still can’t access the police scanners — he and Eddy discuss the city’s attack on transparency

2:08: Getting desperate at the State Fair, Manny loses another one, and the FBI worries about “hate crimes” in ABQ

2:11: A look at how Tim “I CAN’T BREATHE!” Keller handled things in the wake of the death of St. George of Fentanyl — “a complete and total catastrophe”

2:16: Timmy’s “conversation” with BLM activists seeking a big check for stuff that “inherently benefits black people only” (where, oh where, was Hakim Bellamy when he needed him?)

2:37: Your texts finish off the show

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