Comments and calls flood into the KIVA on the programming changes and thirst for truth in news..


In this segment of “The Rock of Talk” from Monday, November 9th:

  • 0:28: Radio Advertising works

  • 2:05: Liberty Ladies Unite getting some attention

  • 2:36: More comments on removing Fox News programming

  • 2:58: Eddy talks about how you are the radio station

  • 3:25: Lots of compliments on the programming and the crew

  • 3:45: Martha McCallum sucks and the College Republicans back Biden

  • 4:01: We know who the “Milktoast Republicans” are in NM

  • 5:08: A call to arms and Fox News interrupts the Spokeswoman for the President

  • 5:53: Clay Travis isn’t going anywhere

  • 6:41: Michael Reed stands up for the flag

  • 7:17: We are the “Silent Majority” no longer

  • 8:16: We cannot take Georgia for granted. DEFEND GEORGIA!

  • 9:15: Ohio transplant loves all of the changes on the station

  • 9:29: Joel’s letter to President Trump

  • 10:37: Eddy gets a shout out from a 36 year old lifelong talk radio listener and business owner

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