Callers want to know about voter fraud, how to write the President and don't want Dems to get credit for the Coronavirus vaccine and improvement


In this segment of “The Rock of Talk” from Monday, November 9th:

  • 1:15: Text from Ron in Artesia

  • 2:07: Dowd gets a word in on “Cutting the Cord”

  • 2:49: User decides to skip Pandora and go for “The Rock of Talk”

  • 3:29: “Stop the Tires” from the Truckers

  • 4:35: USA Radio Networks and listeners get rid of Fox News

  • 5:13: Eddy talks about why he got rid of Michael Savage

  • 5:58: People are happy about “The Right News”

  • 6:45: Listener is happy about Alex Jones on Sunday afternoons

  • 7:20: Homeless man gets Covid 19

  • 7:40: Recovering 9 Year Alcoholic sends in his screenshots from his sobriety app

  • 8:31: Listener is very happy about all of the program changes and is a big Trump supporter as well as growing up a JFK

  • 9:19: Caller got rid of Fox News and replaced it with Breitbart

  • 11:02: Listener wants a “Letter to the White House”

  • 13:11: Caller is upset that Biden and the Democrats might get the credit for improving on the Corona Virus

  • 13:58: Caller wants to know if there is a way if they can find out if their vote was counted

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