Albuquerque’s First Black Mayor Pledges $50 Million Budget Reallocation From Woke Politics To Fighting Crime

Eddy Aragon’s DNA test showed he is 4.6% black, which is double the percentage of black people in Albuquerque. 

“I am an African vato,” Aragon said Thursday on his radio show, The Rock Of Talk, "and I embrace the values that come with my full and diverse heritage.”

“A lot of people don’t know this, but the first 23 black members of Congress were Republicans, and I’m going to be the first black mayor of Albuquerque, also Republican.”

Carrying the torch of black conservative values, Eddy’s priority on DAY ONE is to eliminate the millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on racist pandering.

Albuquerque has had enough of the woke politics. Rainbow crosswalks don’t make the city safer. The “Office of Equal Opportunity and Inclusion” doesn’t bring good jobs to the city. “Cultural Services” hasn’t done a single thing to clean up our streets.

Mayor Tim Keller increased the “police oversight” budget in ONE YEAR by 26%, to $1.7 million. “Consider it gone!”

“I believe the police should be watching over us,” Aragon said. “We don’t need to be watching over them.”

The current administration has done everything in its power to smother, obstruct and stifle our blue angels. The Civilian Police Oversight Agency is just the tip of the woke liberal iceberg of useless spending. 

This is a free country, and Eddy will remind everyone that no matter how much money you throw at it, you can’t stop people from being bigots. As a “person of color,” Eddy stands with people of EVERY RACE to create policies and direct city funds toward OPPORTUNITIES, not virtue-signaling photo opps.

A little less talk, a lot more action, as the saying goes. And yet all we’ve seen from Mayor Keller for the past four years is talk.

White silence” isn’t the “problem” as Keller claimed. The problem is we’re a city that is rich not only in culture but in revenue, and we’re wasting that revenue on programs that are little more than photo opps for the mayor to pretend that he’s making a difference.

He’s not, and our crime statistics prove it.

Black people don’t need more pandering. Hispanics don’t either. Talk therapy from pandering elitist Democrats like Keller has only made crime in Albuquerque worse, because more energy is spent trying to be popular than trying to make a difference. And that includes the public shaming of his fellow white folks for the sake of headlines. Race-baiting doesn’t do anybody any good.

Without a safe community, the ability to open a business that doesn’t need fresh plywood over their newly broken windows every Sunday morning, without LEADERSHIP to reallocate existing funds to the things that matter to everyday life, anti-racist rhetoric is just that: rhetoric.

Albuquerque needs a mayor who is truly blind to color. 

Eddy doesn’t care what color you are. He cares what you contribute, to your job and family and community. He cares about people who care about themselves, because it’s THOSE PEOPLE who are the future of this city. He cares about love, respect, and unity. It’s fine to sympathize with the struggles of our residents, but it matters more to do something about it beyond talk.

And that’s all Keller has done.

Change starts with budgets.

The first budget out of Eddy Aragon’s City Hall will cut $50 million in wasteful spending and hand it over to the police.

That’s a promise.

By cutting $50 million in pet projects and eliminating ART, the Office of Equity in Inclusion, Community Safety Response, Police Oversight, and Drag Queen Story Hour at the libraries, Eddy will put that money toward the problem that is holding everything back in this city: crime.

Why throw away $7.7 million a year on a “community safety” program that sends unarmed social workers in gas-saving “One Albuquerque” cars to respond to “non-violent” 9–1–1 when you could put that money into more police officers? 

You can’t cut crime without officers on the streets, and that’s where Albuquerque’s budget will focus. 

Albuquerque doesn’t need another white charlatan in flip flops pretending to be “woke” by wasting taxpayer money on rainbow sidewalks. Pandering speeches don’t create jobs. Begging for the black vote doesn’t make Albuquerque residents safer. Calling our city “racist” doesn’t suddenly make racism go away. Blaming “rhetoric” for racism is just rhetoric.

Elect Albuquerque's first black mayor, and let's Make Albuquerque Great Again.