The Democrats and Joe Biden have constructed their own narrative and they are forcing you to accept it and will keep you on lists if you don't. Enter Jim Jones.

It’s 259 to 232.

Sorry, Associated Press and “President-Elect” Biden, but facts keep getting in the way of your plan. A win in North Carolina and an all-but-guaranteed win in Alaska have put Donald Trump within 38 Electoral College votes of reelection.

On KIVA Tuesday evening, Eddy Aragon and Dan Butterfield assessed the state of the fight for the White House, and the latter made an insightful point about Biden’s enablers.

While a professional criminal considers the possibility that he might get caught, Dan noted, “a zealot lives in his own reality.” Extremists, motivated only by their ideology and/or politics, aren’t forward-thinking. So they see no problem with ordering an illegal change to the deadline for absentee ballots, voting in two states, and barring observers from verifying the integrity of an election.

Trouble is, courts do not live in their own reality. The outcomes of lawsuits is determined by documents, witnesses, legal precedent, and judicial rulings. And no dispute is ever truly settled until the highest court in the nation weighs in. That’s why the Trump campaign has a very real shot of prevailing in some, or all, of its multiple challenges to election officials’ chicanery.

Media outlets don’t live in their own reality, either. Their very existence is tied to impossible-to-ignore ratings, subscriptions, and advertising revenue. And as much as they’d like to deny it, “mainstream” content providers are currently harvesting a cornucopia of cancelations. Eddy says he’s saved $155 a month -- at least -- from nixing Netflix, HBO, YouTube TV, YouTube Music, The Wall Street JournalThe Financial Times, and The Economist. He’s encouraging his fellow citizens of the Land of Enchantment to “go local,” too, and ditch their subscriptions to the Albuquerque Journal (call 505.823.4400) and/or the Santa Fe New Mexican (505.983.3303).

Fortunately, there’s a new platform set to launch -- for only $5 a month -- that will provide quality news, research, and commentary for New Mexicans. Watch this space!