A lot of KIVA listeners seem to like Katie Hopkins and other calls...


In this segment of “The Rock of Talk” from Monday, November 9th:

  • 0:31: Barbie called in to say she prayed and that she heard from another teacher that her dead mother received a ballot

  • 3:44: ABQ Journal subscriber cancels their subscription after 30 years

  • 4:15: Number to call for Voter Fraud

  • 5:01: Caroline calls in to say that we should not give up on Trump and is a huge fan of Katie Hopkins

  • 7:16: People love the new show on Saturday’s

  • 7:28: Prayer does work for a survivor of a horrible car accident

  • 8:01: Everyone loves Katie Hopkins

  • 8:29: Michigan Election Lawsuit and how we all need to read it

  • 9:29: Letters and Prayers

  • 9:35: Fox News reaches new ratings lows due to prematurely calling the election

  • 10:02: Rudy does Weather and Traffic

  • 11:25: Tracy calls in to say how she is going to get a bunch of people to send letters to the President

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