A Full Year of Draining New Mexico's Swamp

'Dot chat' begins year two -- but we need your help!

Twelve months ago, The Rock of Talk founded www.rockoftalk.chat.

We finally had enough. And we decided that our listeners couldn’t be left at the mercy of Big Tech, Big Media, and Big Government any longer. The Rock of Talk community needed a digital sanctuary — an online outpost that would not be censured, censored, or canceled.

We built www.rockoftalk.chat to supply bold, original, and unfiltered content to the members of our “clan,” and give them a way to offer feedback. In addition to show notes, we created the “Daily Blast,” a seven-day-a-week email, delivered at 4:00 a.m., that includes everything from the weather forecast to This Day in History, news briefings to the quote of the day. And the Blast scours the Internet to distribute links to the best articles, commentaries, research, audio, and video.

Also, we started to publish independent, granular investigations/analyses of the issues most important to New Mexicans. Three times a week, we take a deep dive into public policy. The man in charge? D. Dowd Muska. You probably know him as the “Dowd 3000,” but his official title is The Rock of Talk’s editor and policy director. He’s spent nearly three decades fighting professional pols, greedy tax-hikers, unionized educrats, hysterical eco-alarmists, and corporate-welfare queens — i.e., the fearsome forces of Big Government. And he’s brought his experience and skill set to www.rockoftalk.chat.

Here’s a little taste of what we’ve done:

• COVID-19 lockdowns have decimated the Land of Enchantment’s economy, culture, and quality of life. We’ve been on the case from the jump, covering Michelle Lujan Grisham’s disastrous mandates, and the heavy price we’ve paid for her paranoia, junk science, and megalomania.

• It’s not just the Rona. We have comprehensively documented the undisputable management incompetence of New Mexico’s chief executive. Lujan Grisham has lost 24 senior staffers in less than three years. And we’ll be on hand for #25, #26, #27….

The failure of “green” power. Martin Heinrich’s flaky scheme to “keep global warming at livable temperatures” by replacing “existing machines that use fossil fuels with clean electric substitutes.” The dishonest assault Hector Balderas is waging against Holtec International’s proposed spent-nuclear-fuel facility. The 100th anniversary of New Mexico’s oil-and-gas industry. The disturbing decline of the state’s petroleum-refining capacity. Coal’s comeback. Energy plays a huge role in New Mexico’s economy, and we keep a very close watch.

• Long before she joined the U.S. House of Representatives, we warned that what far-left activist Melanie Stansbury “wants to do in Washington” was “blindingly clear.” Time proved us correct.

• Again and again, we’ve exposed the crony-capitalism boondoggle that is “Spaceport America” — covering its train wreck of an administrator, Richard Branson’s neverending nonsense, Virgin Galactic’s stock woes, and the commercial-space industry’s complete lack of interest in New Mexico. Rest assured, our scrutiny will continue.

• Speaking of the “spaceport,” we revealed the Big Government bias of the white elephant’s biggest fan. Rebecca Dow, who could well be the GOP’s nominee against Lujan Grisham in 2022, has a terrible record as a lawmaker. We’ll keep her, and all politicians, regardless of party affiliation, on our radar.

• Government incompetence and corruption in the Land of Enchantment are rampant, and while the mainstream media ignore the widespread bumbling and stinky sleaze, we don’t. Conflicts of interest in the legislature? The Roundhouse’s war on access and transparency? Freebies to municipal and county employees? Lobbying and electioneering on the taxpayer dime — at the state and local levels? Financial reports filed late? Pensions for public-sector crooks? We’re on it. All of it.

‘Dot chat’ has done amazing things in our first year. But providing such a valuable resource to New Mexicans isn’t cost-free. Frankly, it’s a hefty commitment, in time and money. That’s why we will be shifting to subscription-only status on Wednesday.


The good news is, accessing www.rockoftalk.chat will remain quite cheap — for an annual subscription, it’s less than 20¢ a day! That’s not much for a media outlet that respects, rather than despises, your values. Not much for content that informs, empowers, and occasionally even entertains. Not much for a “radio station” that is actually a think tank working, relentlessly, to make New Mexico a better place.

We can’t be scared off. We can’t be bought off. And because we’re not tied to social media, we can’t be silenced by the wannabe mind-controllers of Santa Fe, Washington, and Silicon Valley.

We’re proud of our work this last year, and are looking forward to being around for many years to come. Please join us on this journey. If you’re not a subscriber, become one today. And if you’re already a subscriber, thanks for your generosity, and remember to renew.

We’ve only just begun. But we need your help to continue our work. We look forward to your support. Thank you.

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