5 Line Feedback! 505-550-5500 for 11/26/2020

A random compilation of your texts directly to "The Rock of Talk" during yesterday's show...WHO KNOWS WHAT YOU WILL FIND!!!!

  1. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family. You have my vote for GOP chair!

  2. Send me your email I will forward you the info you to run fir state chair.   I am on the state central committee

  3. Must be GOP plants outside of Albertsons

  1. Hello Eddie: Will the New York Time Data Help Trump Win the Pennsylvania Case? https://youtu.be/BTJdkVnnNpE


  2. thank you sir. and i just subscribed.

  3. Wow Fox News is back on the kiva ?

    Oh well popular demand I would guess . Have a great thanksgiving brother

  4. Hello Eddie,
    I just subscribed as a KIVA founding member to support all that you do; this was the best $100 I could spend (except for a top shelf gin).  Your website is valuable to me as the radio signal fades around 4-5 pm here in the east mountains.
    Blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving and every day that we can defend truth and freedom.

  5. RPNM just sent out the call for the State Central Committee meeting on December 7. 

    Don’t know if you got it, but I’m happy to forward it to you. 

    You would be a great chair.  

    1. Happy Thanksgiving Eddy. Your work and presence that’s been amazing lately.

    2. Wishing you and your family a very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, Eddy. So grateful, SO thankful for you. 😊
      My love and gratitude to Dowd and Rudy as well.
      Despite everything going on around us, we all have so much to be grateful for.💛

      And, pressure the Secretary of State to immediately cease from using the Dominian machines in NM!

    3. How can I get one to that idiot personally she has destroyed me

    4. Rio Bravo and Coors Wal-Mart line almost to the loading dock.
      I wonder if Egolf’s wife stands in lines like this much-less MLG

    5. How do I run against Haris in 9
      Why do Demorats work so hard to get elected and then they don't do the job

    6. How do we subscribe. I've looked everywhere. I've searched.

    7. I don't remember the guy's name but Governor Richardson appointed someone to increase the state's childhood vaccination rate. He did such a good job apparently that Richardson gave him an award. Grisham promptly fired him afterwards.

    8. Her JD is BS. I believe she was a registered lobbyist

    9. MLG for prison 202p

    10. Nobody should have to endure MLG

    11. I am in agreement that this is the worst governor we have ever had since we had Richardson she's definitely ahead of him as far as being bad. I have heard I don't know if it's true that she has purchased a $10 million estate on Martha's Vineyard. If so where did that money come from? And how dare she hold onto money for businesses for the last six or seven months that was supposed given to her for small business?

    12. MLG is the biggest &#$@ hole, she can care less about the businesses that have shut down forever

    13. Eddy, Happy Thanksgiving! If there is one thing to be thankful for it's that President Trump has pardoned General Michael Flynn!
      God Bless y'all in the KIVA, and God Bless the U.S.A.! 🇺🇸

    1. What do we know about the lieutenant governor Howie Morales? Is he just as Progressive as MLG
      Obama is still an idiot

    2. I rather have Pres Trump and keep the witch then we can impeach her
      It was hard to listen to the news with obama talking obama needs to be put in a cage Trump 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024

    3. Happy Thanksgiving Eddy! MLG can obey her own edict not that I think she would anyway and let the rest of us do our own thing tomorrow !
      I guess Obama thinks the American people don’t remember when HE put those illegal kids in cages and here he says the Latinos voted for Trump forgetting the racism Trump displayed when he put those kids in cages at the boarder... what a liar!!

    4. Bozos was born in albuquerque by an unmarried 17 year old
      Hi Eddy, Just got back to NM. Was amazing to be in the midwest and Texas where schools are open, sports being played, restaraunts packed, malls open, high school home comings, college campus tours...I dont know if New Mexicans really know what a bubble they are trapped in!

    5. Thanks for reminding me I’m considering it & great decision to self-nominate on Monday you have my support—you are not afraid to participate!!
      Bravo Rock!!!
      Proof they are indexing our accounts:
      See the letter from Apple I received about downloading the Rumble ap:

    6. Re mlg mini-drone, I have 1 word response. "PULL!!!"
      Re getting into MLG's mind, PASS THE MIND BLEACH! MAKE THE BAD IMAGES GO AWAY!!!
      Happy T'Day, Team!!
      I hear CNN may be for sale... Bye bye Cuomo and Lemon... 😎

    7. DJT should buy CNN

    8. If Trump doesn't get in NOW then there is no way he can turn this around. They will take over the Supreme Court, and NOT change any election laws, so this happy speak your doing now, I don't get it.

    9. Regarding trading Michelle for Trump. Hell no. We've got two more years of Michelle and then we're done with her. She won't be able to run for dogcatcher

    10. Bill Clinton was the first president that should not have been able to hold a clearance. He got it because he was president

    11. Eddy look at this crap Eddy County Republican headquarters folding up shop. WTF. I'm gonna have to try and run this shit show!!! Thanks

    12. Excellent history lessons Eddy. Would the rise of the governor be an example of “The Peter Principle “
      You are local know but soon to be national.
      ⁠Obama and Bill Ayers: Together from the Beginning
      Think Obama already beat Biden in regards to security clearance.

    13. Trump said Fox was dead to him

      Ive hammered fixed (fox) news since nov.3rd and the AZ. Fiasco
      Amen Brother!!!
      By the way guys sign me up!

    15. Steve is running again and Robert Aragon is running for 1st chair

    16. You know I can I'm sorry I really enjoy listening to you but I can't listen to what you're playing right now about all the media crap that's been pulled on President Trump I'm already upset about it I hate those people for doing what they've done and you're only making me angrier and aggravated and I don't want to think about it right now so I'm going to have to turn you off because I already know all about what they've done for the past four years I've watched it but I can't take listening to this it's really hurting me

    17. Count us in.
      MLG closing grocery stores is going to cause a humanitarian crisis.

    18. Preach it brother

    19. It like Upten Singclaire being emprisoned for preaching the bill of rights.

    20. Hello eddie, isnt that always the way? Poor workers that don't get fired usually get promoted onward and upward. I think she'll fit in just right in washington! Enjoy your Thanksgiving - all of you.
      Eddie. I use email and texts but I dont do anything else like Facebook or anything. This is my email: if you can help me with your website I would be very grateful. I have android phone. Thank you
      Eddie, I am very scared about our futures. I guess I'm just too old to deal with it. I've lived donald trump since I was in college in Boston in the late 1960s. All the girls loved him. I cant listen to the stupid media. They sound like a group of parroting monkies who say what they are told. Haveca good holiday.

    21. Was watching a doc on Prime about the suppression of UFO information by the intelligence community and military complex, and how happy they will be if Biden is elected because he will allow everything to go back to status quo. Everyone knows how corrupt Biden is, even ET.

    22. Eddy, did you see the hearing in PA today? I watched it and it was amazing to hear the truth!

    23. Watch "There Will Be A REVERSAL In How Trump Is Remembered, How Will History Look Back On Trump??" on YouTube
      Click to Load Preview

    24. Standing in line for Thanksgiving pies at Village Inn, it's cold out here, hope we don't get sick, or is that her plan?
      Eddie, my name is D and I subscribed to your chat. Love your show and other efforts, I'm on board with you and Trump forever! W

    25. Hey Eddy, I have been away working late hours and have missed your show. Back today. I have the broadcasts to listen to cause I’m a member. Glad to be back ! Have a blessed Thanksgiving! I may need the email you are talking about and the server. I’ll give a listen and will be making changes. Thankful for you!
      Thank you Eddy! I, too, love President Trump. So blessed for four years and looking forward to his next four years in office.

    26. May the blessings of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit be upon all at the KIVA. The revival has commenced! This will be far more powerful and effective than a revolution! It's time for New Mexicans to regain their spirit and faith in God. God bless the USA.

    27. Now that you are running to lead our NM Republican party, please tell us what can we do to promote you. What can we volunteer for? Whatever you need we are here for you, Eddie.

    28. I can't wait for Joe Biden's first State of the Union address!!
      I'm not giving up on Donald Trump though.

    29. Hearing this speech again, demonstrates President Trump's goal, that all should thrive, vs the swamp to punish all who DARE to be not dependant on the swamp.

    30. Eddy a year or more ago i told you put some billboards up in strategic locations with your truth 1600 am radio.it would of helped spread truth.
      Globalist owned and funded democrap partytime scum i'm afraid it's the end of trump truth and good feeling.

    31. Donald Trump is the best president this country has ever had. Our nation is on the virge of greatness like we have ever seen. This will be gone under a Biden administration
      Best SOTU ever!!

    32. I measured my apartment with my Dominion tape measure. I have a 138k sq. ft. apartment.

    33. Eddy, “Thank you” for playing Donald Trump’s 1988 interview with Oprah. It proves that even 32 years ago, he was ahead of his time in foreign policy & always wanted the best for America. Now, President Trump is an even greater patriot & leader of the United States. Despite the unwarranted Democrat resistance & bully tactics against him...President Trump will go down in history as the greatest President, ever & the only one who NEVER took a salary! I have so much love & respect for all that he has accomplished for ALL Americans. I’m especially thankful to Melania, our great First Lady & the rest of the family for enduring the hateful rhetoric & behaviors unfairly casted upon them. Despite the Trump family sacrificing so much personally...they went above & beyond...making America great, again! Our great President proved that a non-politician & successful businessman could accomplish more in a short time than all of the politicians combined did throughout their careers. I, especially, love how he can’t be bought by anyone in the swamp & boldly exposes them. God bless, President Trump & his family.
      God bless, America🇺🇸
      I came in late & caught that you are running for something but didn’t catch what that was?🤪
      No matter what, I fully support you & can’t wait to help you see that through. After being a voice of truth & reason throughout our community...You deserve it!

    34. Remember his inauguration speech? That one was my favorite. Watching Bush, Clinton & Obama while Trump was laying it all out there. That was probably my favorite political speech I've ever heard

    35. THEY successfully came after Columbus Day and The Brown Invaders. Next will be Thanksgiving Day and The White Invaders. ENJOY YOUR LAST ONE. The 4th will be banned because the fireworks cause Global Warming and scares pets and according to a Harvard study, "the 4th of July breeds Republicans." The Com-Left and the ACLU will demand that all city, state, and Federal offices stay open on Christmas Day. The only Day's allowed will be the Communist's May Day and Mexico's Cinco de Mayo.

    36. My brother have an excellent thanksgiving! This email is going fake. Tell everyone about it notice it says PayPa with capital i. Stay safe burque.

    37. Eddy, I text you but advertising and increasing your numbers. I was expecting you just to read it whenever. I was just trying to give you some ideas that Van parked at the hotel parking lot created I don't know how many How many hundreds of new accounts that created that cell phone company but it was amazing. You mentioned call me to come down and grab some bumper stickers. How many people can I reach with that Idea 4, And no I didn't know you did not pay for advertising. If I would have known that I would not suggest these ideas. I was just trying to help you market and get your name out there. The number and 93.7 Is not that well known throughout Albuquerque. I was just trying to help.

    38. No I back in and was just prepared to text to say....'only evil could dislike that address ' Thank you Eddy. Have a wonderful TDay and go Trump. My sign remains up.
      I love that speech BTW
      I'll sign up as I missed your intro...

    39. Looking at all the damage MLG has done here in NM, why would we want her in a position to do the same evil to our whole country? Why would her evil be better for everyone in the U S instead of just locally? misery loves company?
      Yesterday, 7:26 PM
      The President said in his State of the Union address, when referring to terrorists, "if you attack American citizens, you will lose your life. " Why can we sanction execution of those terrorisis, but allow democrat governors like Greisham, Cuomo, the Governors of Michigan Oregon, CA, etc to attack the citizens of the US with impunity through medical lockdown, closing grocery stores, cancelling Thanksgiving? These people are terrorists and should be sanctioned.

    40. Thank you Eddy for playing our President s speech. I listened again and he was so inspiring again.

    41. SERIOUSLY! How can ANYONE not be motivated to WANT to do good for not only themselves, but for America 🇺🇸 🥺

    42. Did you use this form from the NMRA to file the citizens grand jury for Epstein? Just curious.

    43. Eddy: the snippet montage you played today where numerous liberals and Dems trashed the President is sick, pathetic, disgusting and frightening. A giant lie. This brain sickness is right out of Nazi Germany, where hatred for Jews was driven and hyped by media lies and propaganda. This country is in DEEP TROUBLE.

    44. Did you hear about this? It would allow albuq law enforcement to fine up to $500, and up to 90 days jail time!


    45. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CIDjbLpguML/?igshid=in3q5f6dpf6k

      New Mexico business owners this needs to happen now

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