5 Line Feedback! 505-550-5500 for 12/2/2020

A random compilation of your texts directly to "The Rock of Talk" during yesterday's show...WHO KNOWS WHAT YOU WILL FIND!!!!

  1. Rev. Chavez claims the archdiocese income has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, which has limited inchurch attendance.  Maybe he should remove the message on his sign and his attendance would improve.

  2. If indeed Joe Biden does become President, could he please at least put us out of our misery and take Michelle Lujan Grisham the hell out of the state!Also Eddie could you devote a little bit of a future show to highlighting your advertisers and giving us practical ways or we can support them and help them. Good morning, what's up with the station this morning, I've been out of town for a few days is everything OK

  3. Are you having new hours with the radio show? Or are you having trouble Broadcasting?

  4. What happened to 93.7

    Damn, sorry to hear that. Praying for you buddy. Keep spreading truth brotha

  5. Do you think it was the work of liberals

  6. Eddie,
    Sounds like your transmitter is down... all static from Los Lunas 

    I guess putting in a wire coat hanger won't help the situation like it did in the old days... LOL...
    Your friend

  7. Michelle’s name on streets is miss piggy lol

  8. MLG scruples not.
    Thanx 4 reply.
    /Broken into\

  9. I haven’t been able to get your station in for the last 2 days🙁. Is it just me or are u having issues?  Missing out.

  10. I wish you luck, I hope you get the Chairmanship. I was elected as an SCC Member In January allowing me to vote but I recently received a letter that I will not be able to vote. I hope you burn our all the old attitudes and start out fresh

  11. N9958H https://fr24.com/N9958H/262ee566

    Been flying overhead for about an hour...says that it is city of Albuquerque, why

  12. I know I can listen online but your am and fm stations have been largely off air today which you probably know

  13. Hi Eddie . Don't know if you know but the radio has been scratchy all day can't hear a thingOh I think you're talking about it now thanks

  14. Maybe he knows?Nothing about the theft in local news that I can find! Typical!

    Maybe he knows?Nothing about the theft in local news that I can find! Typical!

  15. My brother just got home from working at Smiths and said that they are setting up a Covid testing tent starting Wednesday. I’m going to decline him taking the Covid test for the same reason you guys are talking about they’re just adding to numbers and we can’t even trust the numbers! Elon musk proved the inaccuracies of these tests by taking for Covid test two turned out positive and two turned out negative yet we’re paying for this expensive invasive uncomfortable test why aren’t they using the cheaper saliva test???

  16. Without Dominion Voting flipping votes, NM DID FLIP RED

  17. I can hear youWhere do we donate to your station?Mark Zuckerberg interviewed Dr Fauci on a fb live talking about the covid vaccine. Distribution and people with priority of vaccination. I have it on my page.

  18. The new highlights might be from her spending time in the sun in Hawaii. I hear she traveled over Thanksgiving to Hawaii. Probably why she didn't take questions. Hard to be serious with palm trees swaying in the breeze.

  19. Hi Eddy, Jeff.
    Interesting how Tripp Stilenecky's response about the seperate counties knowing how and when their status changes. Referring that SUUUURELY the county LEADERS would and SHOULD be finding that information on THEIR OWN and taking that info to THEIR constituents and taking action and leading them accordingly. Surely they can do that....hmmmm. Sounds alot like The President's plan for the virus in leaving the Individual States and Governors to take care of their own states as they felt was best, the same plan the NM Empress berates The President on every chance she gets!

  20. We are living under socialism government.  What do people not understand.  Eddie tell me why no one is defending us from these communist. They are breaking the law, disobeying the constitution they put their hand on the Bible to follow.  No one is standing up to any of these tyrants. Laws are not enforced. Not even judges are judging by the constitution. Our elections are all fraud. Especially here in  NM for years and they are getting away with it and no one can stop them. WOW.

  21. I have you on the app.
    I'd love to work for your campaign or even volunteer!! Please let us know how we can?!?!!

  22. Hearing your voice every day helps keep my rage in check. This lockdown is triggering my PTSD issues.

  23. Very interesting article and national perspective Eddie on New Mexico, the 3rd world country you and I live in. You may have seen this already. 

    If you need help in some way on the sabotage you’ve experienced today, please let me know. I have handyman abilities and recording equipment abilities. Live near Candelaria and Rio Grande. 

    I greatly appreciate your voice here in NM, thnx-12 year NM resident 

    I was a board engineer and in sales at FM in southern MI back in the 80’s. 

    Great article and perspective on MLG:https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/op-eds/a-warning-from-the-future-the-us-may-soon-look-like-new-mexico

  24. We get hit all the time on the mountain.  These idiots want copper and batteries. 

  25. Hi Eddy. I was listening to you in my office at rock of talk.com with no problem. Got in my car and now listening to 93.7 no problem. Found you about 6 months ago and LOVE you. Thanks for all you do.

  26. Hi Eddy, when I worked in Abq, we had equipment on the crest. The vandals that destroyed your equipment knew exactly what they were looking for and where to find it. No doubt dems.

  27. I have been using Duck Duck Go.  Is Brave better?

  28. Republicans better learn to cheat or give up What’s going on

  29. Eddie, leaving the state does not help the state- it makes it worse.

  30. Hey buddy! you are so patient with everyone calling trying to connect💕

  31. Got you online buddy.. wouldn’t miss a show or the great info... keep fighting.. they don’t want a physical fight with any of usRepublicans are weak and this is evident now more than ever... weak complaining and that’s about it.

  32. I'm going to keep trying I did have you on my iPad at one time but when I click on it it's not it's not fully loading and I can't get it on my phone either I think somebody's screwed you over on the the internet connections as wellIt also says when you go on when I went on my iPad and and uploaded you it says unsecured siteWe need you to do a go fund me page so we can get you back online in a secret locationAnd if you get pictures of them I want you to upload them so everybody can see who did it and also you should get those those cams that the hunters use where they attach them to you know the landscape and they're like camouflage and you can't see themI got a really good idea how about if you got pictures of them stealing rent a billboard over the freeway and let's plaster their name on the billboard

  33. Eddy so sorry about statio equipment loss I got you on am thank goodness. Try famous Dave especially serrano pickles on you pizza good on hash brown eggs and tacos plus many more

  34. Tearing down the radio broadcast antenna is another form of censorship Probably a mandate from Santa Fe...

  35. Yellow is a primary color, and green is a secondary color, as it is the result of combining 2 primary colors (yellow + blue).

    -(guy with a UNM art degree)

  36. With you Dowd, none of my acquaintances have died from the CCP (Chinese communist party) virus

  37. Unbelievable! We'll keep listening. God bless all of the efforts of the Rock of Talk.

  38. Currently you are not broadcasting on am or FM there is only static but you are  being heard  on the internet thru the app

  39. Can speak a little about the NM Republican chairmanship, we need to get everyone (including myself)up to speed on the process to get you elected on the 7th of December.

  40. FEAR Eddy. Remember T2K. They always use fear when needed.

  41. Just called you on my land line and am now texting you as you suggested! My very best wishes for a successful and speedy recovery for your station!

  42. This is in Rio Rancho. I just listened to Fox News breathlessly reporting on the new Biden cabinet picks on the 12:00 report. Did we loose our new news provider along with the tower? Or just because I’m listening on streaming? Regardless, thoughts and prayers your way. What you’re doing is really appreciated

  43. The chinese refer to the patriot Mr. Lin Wood as Linwood. Miles Guo and his team hold “Linwood” in the highest esteem...

    ⁠Boom! Linwood Reveals Chinese Communist Party Purchased Dominion System with Intent to Destabilize U.S.


    This is tantamount to a declaration of war. If proven to be true.

  44. I will subscribe  and if there is a Go Find Me page,  I will contribute to help with replacememt.
    Keep the Faith, Brother.!!

  45. Where dominion machines are used.  Defend the TRUTH! . y parents are older.  When they pass my wife and I are out of here.  I have kids in high school and they want to move.  New Mexico is hopeless.  

  46. So even if we move to any of those levels there are still restriction even the green plus??? One last ? The damage to the state is not only bad but spiral down down.

  47. Paul in rr - this case thing is bs, who cares if it's 1,000s of cases a minute, it's  not fatal to most, so who cares? If you're  susceptible take precautions.  This is the control freak left refusing let go of control.  Until she's  arrested or impeached it will not ever stop. Colds and flu happen.  

  48. I’m confused. Why have the numbers gone up so dramatically over the past 2 months?  Are people being paid to get tested?  Are people just running en mass to get tested just for the heck of it? I know I’ve heard that people can be tested multiple times and be considered new positive. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve never been tested. Don’t plan on getting tested. I was sick in January and February and who knows, I could have had it back then before it was so publicized. I went to the LA Marathon the week before she shut us down. No one  i know who was at that HUGE event got sick.

  49. Eddie I moved here 4 years ago from San Diego because I met Mrs Santa Fe 2011. She's been here over 20 years. We're planning a move to a red state. Rumor has It Biden's administration is going to use New Mexico as a guinea pig for socialism. Northern Florida is very attractive to us. https://photos.app.goo.gl/zfYX7XgXT2WTKmpu7

    I won't say how old she is but together our total age is 140 years! This was at the Trump rally at the airport in 2016

  50. MLG is waiting until the Presidency is finally settled to free the people of New Mexico!

  51. Hi Eddie! Love your passion!
    Do you know if Hobby Lobby and Ross were given a  Cease and desist order? They were open then 2 days later closed.
    Thank you for all you do!

  52. I’d leave in a second if not for family court.

  53. Yep, check this out! 

    THE STING: Patriot Robert Trump Went Undercover for the ...


    The heroics of the two Trump brothers against international communism was seeded by their father, Fred Trump, who was one of the largest donors behind the John Birch Society, which was sidelined from political discourse for hitting too close to the truth.

    John Birch Society Ascendant in Trump's Speech to ...


    Other notes Trump hit in his speech echoed the John Birch Society (though not all). Trump's opposition to trade agreements comes right from the FAQs on the JBS website, as does his tough-guy ...

    The John Birch Society formed on a frigid Monday morning in December 1958, when 11 of the nation’s richest businessmen braved single-digit temperatures to attend a mysterious meeting in suburban Indianapolis.

    They had arrived at the behest of candy magnate Robert Welch, who had made a fortune with his caramel-on-a-stick confection known as the “Sugar Daddy,” and now intended to spend that money defeating the wide-slung Communist conspiracy he was certain had infiltrated the federal government. Welch had invited these men to Indianapolis without giving a reason, and asked them to stay for two days.

    After exchanging firm handshakes in the breakfast room of a sprawling, Tudor-style house in the tony Meridian Park neighborhood, Welch explained why he had brought this group together: The United States faced an existential threat from an “international Communist conspiracy” hatched by an “amoral gang of sophisticated criminals.” The power-hungry, God-hating, government worshipers had infiltrated newsrooms, public schools, legislative chambers and houses of worship. They were frighteningly close to total victory—Welch felt it in his gut. “These cunning megalomaniacs seek to make themselves the absolute rulers of a human race of enslaved robots, in which every civilized trait has been destroyed,” Welch wrote in The Blue Book of the John Birch Society, the organization’s founding history.

    The chosen few gathered here would form the vanguard of a new political movement, an army of brave American patriots dedicated to preserving the country’s Christian and constitutional foundations. Welch christened the group the John Birch Society—named in memory of a U.S. soldier-turned-Baptist missionary killed by Chinese Communists in 1945—and laid out its goal: Destroying the “Communist conspiracy … or at least breaking its grip on our government and shattering its power within the United States.”Among the John Birch Society’s pet causes in the 1960s was advocating for the impeachment of Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren over his support for integration and civil rights laws. In this June 1963 photo, a billboard along a highway in Birmingham, Alabama, urges passersby to “Save our Republic!” | AP Photos

    The Society was Welch’s attempt to root out the reds—an end goal he offered as justification for his opposition to the United Nations (“an instrument of Communist global conquest”), the civil rights movement (an attempt to establish an “independent Negro-Soviet Republic”), public water fluoridation, and Dwight Eisenhower (“a dedicated, conscious agent of the Communist conspiracy”), among myriad other targets of his suspicion.

    Prominent Texans quickly became fans. Dallas oilman H.L Hunt, the richest man in the world and a major Republican donor, espoused Bircher views on his popular radio program starting in the 1950s. Dallas Reverend W.A. Criswell, a segregationist and head of the largest Southern Baptist congregation in the world, praised Bircher positions from his pulpit and railed against “the leftists, the liberals, the pinks, and the welfare statists who are soft on communism and easy towards Russia.” Maj. Gen. Edwin Walker, born in small-town Texas and commander of 10,000 troops stationed in post-war Europe, distributed Bircher material to the men under his command. Walker, who called Harry Truman and Eleanor Roosevelt “definitely pink,” resigned after being investigated by the Kennedy administration for engaging in partisan political activity on the job in 1961They know Trump has their number.Lin Wood is spot on. Got to do martial law

  54. 😄😄😄😄😄😄 Lol Lol Lol! You had me going.....Lol!! Too funny!! 
    Thanks, Eddy! 💛Just heard...hopefully KIVA back up by tonight or early tomorrow. 💛  Did I hear you say that they ripped down your tower?!? 😮😧😟 
    If I heard correctly, I'm sorry, Eddy.
    Gee...hmmmm...who would do that?? I hope they're caught and prosecuted!

  55. keep hearing about things like Elon Musk claiming he got tested for covid 4 times in one day with two being negative and two positive, and a study out of John Hopkins U that last years over all death rates for seniors or any other age group are the same as this year!? Since we can’t actually see a virus or bacteria they can and do tell us anything they want(per agenda) of course.😠

  56. Thanks. Listening. Awesome show. Like always

  57. Hi Eddy, in order to meet this ridiculous order, people will HAVE  to stop getting tested voluntarily.  I think one problem with the testing (which leads to "cases") is that some employees of businesses - and healthcare providers - are required to be tested.  THEY don't have a choice which is BS and will continue to add to the case count. It will be never ending...

  58. Eddy, lets hope she doesn’t get the job in Washington, we will have a national lockdown

  59. Special operations unit of the army 305th battalion seized server in Frankfurt Germany captured all data of the election from all states.

  60. As a restaurant operator here is what we have going on. The bitch fight with the shitf for brains Governor and Carol from the restaurant association in court has caused some of these restrictions. The governor is using the state and its people as gunnie pigs for a cabinet position. The issue is the people as a whole is too dumb to see it. The media has scared the crap out of people to the point that they have lost their minds. Next... forced  vaccination.

  61. Eddie
    My 82 yo Mother-In Law had to wait to 1.5 hours just to get into Walmart and now has constant chills and isn't feeling well because she got thoroughly chilled by standing in the wind waiting to get in the store. The regime in Santa Fe disregards people in need of basic supplies and RX refills. I think they purposely want people, especially the elderly to become ill by implementing these asinine restrictions.

  62. Our propaganda machine is now trying to convince people that they’re sick even with negative test results

  63. OMG, I thought it was permanent. Thank you that it's not! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!  XOXOXO! ( I'm done exuding.)

  64. Eddy I'm willing to stand in line for elders as a volunteer  not sure how to get the word out I'm retired and in fairly good health

  65. Iranian top nuclear science died of covid-1984

  66. “friend” is Hostpital/ER personal in downtown ABQ also a Biden and lockdown lover...says today...I don’t understand why all of our patients are from Mexico.

  67. If you need a new tower I know where you can get one

  68. If you need a crane to put up a new tower let me know. I'll bring mine..sorry people..

  69. Hi Eddie, my wife and I love your show. Sorry to hear about your equipment but that must mean you are doing something right. Keep it up! We’ve been passing out the impeach MLG flyers to everyone I can get one too.
    A friend of mine in the restaurant business said someone told her MLG‘s planning to keep us locked down for five months. Have you heard anything about that? Any truth to that? I wouldn’t put it past her! Thank you so much for the information. And we will keep listening and sharing what we know

  70. Thank you. Please continue doing what you do. We refuse to listen to any other news broadcast.

  71. Rewards will get the suspects. Suspects always talk to find out why they picked the target. This was NOT by chance

  72. Those f-er knew what they were doing. Big stick technicians? Or kunm.

  73. I saw clips of the video you posted. That is anarchy. I’m sorry that this happened to you and the station. God be with us.

    Dang!! That is crazy. NM is more corrupt than even I had imagined.

  74. So much for the left’s claims that the right is narrow minded and violent!

  75. Businesses, especially brew pubs and restaurants need to open up now or kiss  everything they worked so hard to obtain good buy as we know MLG is going to shift the goal posts. Again we need to reach out to county sheriff's all over New Mexico as I truly believe sheriff's will back small businesses. I would also encourage businesses to  declare their property an autonomous zone, as well as not sign any possible fines or citations so not to enter into any contract, especially as these so called mandates and edicts are most likely  uninforcable let alone legal. In fact I would love to see entire towns declare themselves  autonomous zones. We not only need to engage in  non-compliance but ignore her all together and neuter her metaphorically. MLG who?

  76. Paid ops.obvious they are techs from local media unprofessional  at that!wont be long before they are caught and spill there guts!PUKESRecon parking lots of local media to find vehicle.check under to see evidence of travel up to crestPut a few feelers out to Ronchetti .he was in the industry.see what his response is.We are at War with these pukes the New Revolution dont fear offending!

  77. Oooh reading the article right now Any leads on this?  ANTIFA?  Or jealousy?

  78. Yes very sorry to hear. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Just signed up to rockof talk.chat

  79. Eddy: this red/yellow/green is MLG's way of telling us " hey sucka's, I'm shutya ya'll down through 2022."  Recall that Keller did say that  green would not be reached until summer, 2021. Adios Burque!  Eddy: do I think that MLG and the other libs sit around conspiring to prolong this lockdown?  You bet!  Keller probably thinks that it's no problem destroying small businesses since these folks aren't going to vote for me anyway.

  80. I saw the film. How very sad. What sick thinking. Do the police have enough information, to open an investigation ?

  81. https://theblacksphere.net/2020/12/where-is-cia-director-gina-haspel/

  82. Eddie I'm so sorry to have to send you this text but unfortunately I can't afford to continue advertising anymore I hope I will be able to in the future but I just need to stop it right now thank you so much you've been a great partner

  83. ”talking points”
    Eagle ranch and coors by pass Costco 39 degrees. A “minor inconvenience”

  84. Listening to 937fm and 1600am sounds perfect must be the Texas Engineer special  touch

  85. Eddy .... I am Not giving up. This corruption cannot stand. Listeners: keep praying for God's mercy that an apparent Godless admintration's platform doesn't succeed. I am.

  86. It's true Eddy, we have a patient at the VA who tested negative 3 times but since he has "symptoms" we treat him as positive as if every symptom for every illness ir disease is a China virus symptom

  87. just a little information on icu rooms in hospitals. they may be at capacity right now but they have the ability to double the capacity if needed. they have practiced this. you can contact unm hospital and they can confirm this. mlj's fear tactics are getting old

  88. And the  Hydroxychloroquine is very cheapBut we have to line politicians pockets with the pharmaceutical companies money

  89. This is the guy CNN and others think he’s a kook with his voting pattern identification of fraud.

    ⁠VA Shiva Ayyadurai - The Inventor of Email | Beyond Email

  90. Re wearing mask in car, sorry Eddie, they ARE idiots... But tyrants love their sheeple...

  91. Hi, Eddy, maybe we should form a fund raiser organization for Prez Trump and call it “American Voters Matter”

  92. Hydroxclorqiun is sold over the county worldwide except for an America can buy it anywhere you want and get it sent to America only America and hydroxychloroquine over the counter and I think I think some countries in Europe

  93. Hi Eddy,
    I'm on the way to church. I wanted to ask you about the statistical anomalies in the vote count. Is that a basis for a recount? Is it evidence?

  94. Darren White is a rino and a coward. He sold out to the democrats to further his pot business.

  95. Eddy,
    The Kiva signal strength on 1600 AM is great. My 1948 Zenith radio is tuning it in better than ever!
    Moving to Idaho Falls.What can I do to help you become the NM Republican Party Chairman?
    Idaho Falls

  96. Guaranteed that Nursing Home & retirement homes have an inordinate amount of votes for that "young whippersnapper Joe Biden"

  97. These are the numbers for UNMH as of this morning from my friend.   

    Beds - 529 total, 136 Covid 32 of this are vented.From Monday 11/30,

    So we are full for non COVID numbers. But we still have open beds because we have made more room. Our Covid #s went up to 160 and 38 vented.  It our over census is not the highlight have ever need. I think we were at 537 today. The highest I have seen was like 600 something.Part 2, 11/30,

    Yeah like non Covid numbers were close to 500 and we were full, full  but with the surge capacity we  have been able to find room for like 100 more patients by double bunking the ICU’s and opening other areas in the hospital. With 33 people vented our ICU’s are very close to being full. But we do still have open beds. I think we have to because we are the trauma center.From friend, this is the reality, 

    Not off the top of my head or would take some digging. But I may be able to figure it out. It’s different for ECMO vs ICU vs a step down vs floor. It’s the level of care and I am sure an extra amount for COVID +. But I don’t know for sure what those rates are. Billing gets really complicated. There are different forms of billing DRG and OBS and daily rates depending on contracts. It’s all very shady in the end. What costs 1 insurance 150,000. Could only cost another 75,000. Depending on contractual allowances. Yesterday, 5:44 PMSelective enforcement (republicans) is a Bill of Attainder or Bill of Pains and Penalties.  Small business v. Big Box

    NM Constitution, Art 2, Sec 2, all political power is vested in and derived from the people:  all government of right originates with the people, is founded upon their will and is instituted solely for their good. 

    It’s up to us, the people need to take their gov back.  

  98. Why in the fuck don't all business open up.wimpy democrap conformist assholes stupid mask wearing cocksuckers scared of fine of ugly lujan gov.i've talked to restaurants and their all cowards.get together cowards!

  99. Hey guys thank you for all you do, I work in UNMs ICU as an RN, I felt that when we were initially giving patients Hydroxychloroquine and azythromycin the patient turn around to moving out of the ICU was significantly faster than the current therapies (remdesivir or convalescent plasma).  This is solely based off of observation.

    Also guess who contracted Covid from a high risk exposure in a patient room?  I did! I was wearing all my PPE, but in an emergent situation my mask migrated and I had no idea until getting ready to leave the room, approximately 1 hour later.. I'm still going through the disease process of the virus,  I so far  have not experienced respiratory symptoms but have experienced body aches, fatigue, subjective fever, chills, and lower GI upset.  I would have to say I have done well so far. Tons of rest, juices, soup, and green chile Turkey enchiladas. 

    I woke up today to some BS, did you see England approved the vaccine before the U.S. FDA , what the heck. 

    Keep doing a great job getting the truth out ! 

  100. Don't u remember the fuss about staying home and not doing regular medical visits and appointments? I think we r seeing results if our failed leadership from MLG.