5 Line Feedback! 505-550-5500 for 11/25/2020

A random compilation of your texts directly to "The Rock of Talk" during yesterday's show...WHO KNOWS WHAT YOU WILL FIND!!!!


  1. The pcr tests are looking for sequences of dna. They have never isolated the corona virus so they do not have the whole spectrum of covid 19 viral dna. The dna sequences looked for are also found in 74 sequences of the human genome and 100 microbial fragments.

  2. Is there a legal team going on in New Mexico for the voting corruption?

  3. Hey Eddie, Is the recall petition to remove MLG still on happening? If so, where do I sign? Thanks,

  4. The Trump Team knows the voter input number. They also know the output.  What went in, and what came out.   There is a huge variance between the two.  They can't account for the difference, which is about 8 million votes.

    A clue is that several election precinct captains have testified that there was a "clearinghouse" involved.  No one can figure out what happened "in the middle" of the process.

    The answer is simple.

  5. In this detailed list of allegations of voter fraud they categorically deny every single accusation.

    They are headquartered in Denver, not Toronto.

    Annual sales - $36.5 M

  6. Hey! New, but loving what you are doing on the radio brother! Live free!1984 should be required reading for believers of freedom.Eddie, as an educator in this state, you speak truth to all the brainwashing i have to break my students out of.

  7. Please send link for impeach MLG form; this transplant is sad we did no t turn this state red

  8. No I don't want government control!  thank you for all you do Eddie in keeping us informed and hopefully tamping down the fear that most of us feel at this time.  You are right that we need to take back control not only of our lives but of the city that we which we live.  Keep up the good work and everything that you're doing to keep us all together and headed toward a common goal. I want to live my own life and keep government out of it. You rock Eddie!

  9. New Mexico Governor Accused of Causing ‘Modern Breadlines’ with Coronavirus Lockdown Orders https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/11/24/new-mexico-governor-accused-of-causing-modern-breadlines-with-coronavirus-lockdown-orders/

    Eddy, Thought you might be interested in this. 

  10. Thank you for read my text message About Conor gunners office I can call you and talk to 01 and 1 exactly like took place.  Thinking about Rudy and his family all weekend long good just to hear that everybody's doing well.
    I wouldn't let Deb Holland, Manage goldfish in a Toilet.
    Don't forget to go home for supper.  You mentioned yes to your personal text. 
    Lou Dobbs tonight 15 min,  Past the hour Mentioned how Google persuaded 16 million boats to Biden. Also slammed Paul Ryan. I'm now has Sydney pal on with a interview. 
    Lou Dobbs Continually interview with Sydney Powell 21 after the   hour. "  She said her slow suit should be no later than tomorrow announcement "

  11. Hi Eddie. Just want to let you know I went to look up Dr Mike yearden and his name is Yeadon, in case anyone wants to do further research on this fascinating story. Never trust government

  12. Preach Eddy!
    Weak-People either Mentally, Physically or Both have been allowed to flourish?
    Hunter- Gatherer days need to come back.
    Sidney Powell can't be apart of the Trump Team, then she'd be held to a Political interferenc e standard.
    Better Alone. Keep her circle small.
    The fact that this ELECTION maybe too"BIG TO FAIL" might start taking hold?
    Can they issue that the election was Truly Stolen data?
    That would be BIG if the right things are done and "it's" #s Factually tallied.
    Why wouldn't Joe want recounting if his party was "REALLY" so close in House/Senate races?
    Biden sounds Feeble in your Audio clip!Sidney can't show her direct information?
    Being in the White House group of Lawyers/ Staffing  Leaking LEAKING Cesspool? Wrong Answer!

  13. Hi, that "interview" with  the Doctor from England was amazing! I've now listened to it 3x. Can I find that somewhere on the internet? I would love to share that with ALOT of people.  I'm not even sure of the doctor's name. Please advise, thanks!! Thank you so much!Let's get this party started!

  14. "As the energy of earth rises, as love is s allowed to enter, so clarity sets in. Under these enlightening conditions, the controllers, the dark ones can no longer function in their precious secrecy. Now their devious and deadly deeds must,  inevitably come to the light." Aita (channeling her higher self)

  15. Is this the rock of talk.  Can you let me know who to join the chat. I listen to you all the time. My name is XXX XXX and my husband XXXXXX listens to you all the time. I can't watch fox or get on social media any more.  I will get the info to my husband do he can join. We support you a 100 %

  16. Where can I get recording of Dr's interview about COVID testing?

  17. Eddie- Obama is a phony. Proof: His Higher Ground production company and his 11 million dollar house at 11 feet above sea level while preaching that oceans are rising. Just signed up as a KIVA Founding Member. I’m going to email you an interesting thread. 

  18. My fav name for Santa Fe...Santa-flush

    Hi again Eddy, it's Jeff. I know you don't like attachments, but I did send you the Santa Claus and his Old Lady link and you didn't seem to mind. So here is another. It's about you guys. Yes I'm an old dude but this is from one of the all time great bands ever Led Zeppelin and you really seem to "tune into" music and it moves you. Follow the lyrics (on the drop down). This is you. This is Dowd. This is Rudy. This is KIVA. Carrying the news that must get through. Haunting, ominous,  but the then just relentlessly grinding and driving through the oppression, choosing the path where no-one goes. Thats you guys, that's KIVA, that's you! Keep it up and thank you! https://youtu.be/Pu94mWlgzMY

  19. Thank you for your fight. Funny how you talk about break days.  Today I told myself. I feel done. So tired of telling everyone to take their vitamins & exercise. No one listens to me. Even when their sick. They won’t even try.  Just wanted to give up today. What the heck is wrong with people.  So dang blind & lazy. 

    Thank you for the motivation. This one was from me to you

  20. Hey there this is xxxx. Thanks for letting me talk on the air with you I was the one who brought up MLG using "reset" being a code for her and others being down with the great reset being pushed forward by Klaus Schwab of the world economic forum who even got a nice printout from Time magazine a couple of weeks ago. anyways wanted to send this quick video of RFK Junior talking with attorney Martin Tyler about Anthony Fauci. Definitely worth the 5 minutes. I also talked about how NM businesses whether they be retail or F&B need to push back now. Anyways here's the video. https://youtu.be/Q1NbZODJu4o

    Hi Eddy this is xxxxx. We had a nice chat last Wednesday about MLG and her clearly being down with  "The Great Reset". Given what we know we can guarantee she is going to  lockdown NM well past Dec 1st. It's imperative that business owners ignore any and all mandates and keep their businesses open. Again we need to reach out to county sheriffs  who will not enforce mandates. Non compliance is the key to take MLG down. We also need to call out the lockdown as MLG has no idea the damage she is doing. The supply line is going to be completely compromised heading into winter, especially since half the bed bread basket burnt this summer so I can guarantee there's going to be huge food shortages here in New Mexico for the winter. She needs to be held accountable when that happens. I also highly recommend your listeners check out James Colbert and The Colbert Report as he does meticulous research and he just released a new video about how much damage lockdowns do. Absolute mandatory viewing in my opinion. Thanks again for fighting the good fight please consider me a friend and Ally and please feel free to give out my information to anybody who's looking to fight back against MLG and the great reset.

  21. Eeeee eddy, I’m vibrating in my head and the radio won’t turn off in my head. You think the vaccine did this? EeeeeeeBig Mike: “there’s no way that this brain dead cracker got more votes than my wife Barry”Her and Harold ‘the hutt’ are homicidal psychopaths. They delight in killing people!Ok no more texts! Happy birthday to your mom!

  22. Can your team find out what number there testing up to on the PC test

    Has it gone up to cause the greater number of cases?

    Will they lower it to say the vaccine works?

    The number used on the pcr is 5mthe most important info missing on. The plan demic. When Rudy was told he had covid did he get any kind of paper work  showing info on the pcr test?  Like what level they used in his test to determine he was postive

  23. We don’t trust Fauci, Brix, or any of them except Scott Atlas.


  24. My wife’s grandfathers name is on a community center and my grandfathers name is at Bataan park as a founder that established it. I’m not letting go of a damn thing and we need revolt.

  25. Biden would be Con Jobs.
    - Isidro

  26. Hey Eddy.  Fauci is doing the keynote speaker circuit at medical meetings.   Ugh

  27. My wife is born and raised in Fanta Se. We moved back here 2 years ago from NH. Although NH is WAAAAY better taxwise, we are here to stand and fight for New Mexico!

  28. Westside Walmart! We can’t function like this, I need milk and I won’t get home until 8 o’clock tonight

  29. Eddy,
    On Mark Levin's program this last Sunday he explained why Sydney Powell is not presenting evidence yet in Trump's voter fraud cases. Apparently, these lawsuits are filed as civil cases, not criminal cases. In a civil case, Evidence is presented during the 'discovery' phase of these suits, not before. We  understandably want to hear all the details now, but we must be patient. 
    The Truth is on Trump's side.

  30. Eddy, this is Denise.  I haven't trusted Dr Fauci since they first time he backtracked something he initially said and it has infuriated me that our government has allowed him to control our country!!!

  31. https://themarshallreport.wordpress.com/2020/11/22/sidney-powells-kraken-is-dod-cyber-warfare-program-we-are-at-war/

  32. .  This is a lawyer that apparently works with Sidney Powell. More about where things stand. Wish I had found it earlier.Yesterday, 6:50 PMThe largest, busiest restaurant in Clovis, Leal’s, is for sale. They have a smaller location that is closed for a couple of weeks (they hope)!! Very supportive business of all kinds of local groups and activities.

  33. I’m staying Eddy💪That sounded like ac/dc
    Who made who.   lol 
    That little noise 

    ⁠Bacterial Pneumonia Caused Most Deaths in 1918 Influenza Pandemic


  34. Dr. Sgrace is our Fauci. He is doing anti smoking commercials now. He likes the spotlight

  35. Halloween was most beautiful weather in years. Kids were robbed. Balloon fiesta was epoch weather too.

  36. I remember buck sexton talking about  Tcells on the KivA

  37. Hey Eddy, I'm 21 years old and I listen to you all the time. I'm just worried about my future and those in my generation, I just want to grow up in the America my parents grew up in, not in a socialist/communist dictatorship

  38. Eddie, this is where my family stands.

  39. Biden , the squad and AOC think they are in control but they cannot make the sun rise or set, diminish the power of a smile or crush the human spirit.

  40. News update from Team Trump
    Thoughts eddy?Oh and the sheep... next time I'll tell everyone... take off the masks .... why not haha

  41. I have been using a digital TV on my roof for years now... no regrets ...

  42. It's spreading via covid chem trails!!

  43. Covid outbreak my arse!tiny tyrant...Welfare TV ( rabbit ears ) rules!

  44. Everybody go to Monroe's on osuna for carryout please. I have never seen it that empty in my entire years of living in New Mexico.

  45. This State voted for Benny juice lujan. Of course it could have voted for Biden Sadly

  46. Apologies for the second text Eddy, but another song that addresses teen suicide is called "The Pass" by Rush.  It's quite moving and would encourage you, Rudy, Dowd and all in the audience to listen to it.
    God Bless y'all in the KIVA, and God Bless the U.S.A.! 🇺🇸

  47. Hi Eddy, new listener. Fed up with what's going on. I appreciate you, Dowd and all those you get on the show. I have signed the impeach the Oompah Loompah list, how else can I help?

  48. Veteran Crisis line number 18002738255

  49. Hi my name is XXXXX  Please send me a link and hook me up with the mediaInformation I wanna be involved in the rock of talk please

  50. Eddy im absolutely pissed and I'm looking to organize.

  51. Election cheating galore

  52. WE WILL WIN!!!!

  53. Hey eddy
    Just a little friendly poke at that jar head
    The only good marine is a submarine
    Tim (I spent 6 years on submaries)

  54. I don't know how much you know about her background...I'll post for others who may not know if you do. She was our state Health Secretary under Richardson. Richardson FIRED her because of what happened at Ft. Bayard nursing facility. She very nearly got brought up on federal charges by the DOJ. Under her "leadership," 8 people died and died in a horrible fashion (neglect, untreated illnesses, etc). Now, she has Doctor Scrase, who in no way has any training to handle "a pandemic." He is a geriatrician (doctor that specializes in caring for the enderly). No epidemiological experince whatsoever. He has also been a Lujan family physician for over 25 years. He cared for the Governor's father and is now her mother's personal doctor. We have people who have NO EXPERIENCE calling the shots on masks, the need to quarantine, risks, etc. And we have a woman at the top of it all who got fired from a health position because she frankly f**ked up. Her track record of being irresponsible goes far beyThis was on a chat that I saw on a local app, talking about our emporis.. I don't know who wrote it but it's informative...

  55. DUI Deb has made more money in the last 2 years than she has in her entire life. That is soooooo SAD😠 Go to 1st email with the loss of $23 Million of Laguna Pueblo money by mismanagement.

  56. Hello eddie, thank you for your show today.  I've been feeling really sad and worried - seeing John Kerry, rahn Emanuel all I can think of is oh no MORE  OBAMA TIME. So listening to you all tonight made me feel less anxious. Have a good evening,all of you.

  57. I'm especially sick of these users and interlopers like lujan  who run ads saying they know how it feels to earn a paycheck. Half of these jerks have never had a job. And every single one of them says try believe in NM values like hard work. But their entire platform is, "don't work, I'll get you handouts."

  58. audio 1 of 2: KUNM: Generation Justice: Sun NOV 22 7-715PM slot at mark 1:00: "broadcasting from stolen Tiwa/Tewa land"

    Click to Load Preview


    audio 2 of 2: KUNM: Two Week Archive: Sun NOV 22 215-230pm slot at the 9:00mark: "coming to u live from the hall, well, I dont want to say the name, but here in Albuquerque"

    Click to Load Preview

  59. Deb Haaland was very shallow on replay interview on 89.1fm last nite at 8pm

  60. Eddy, this is the jarhead. You wanted me to text you so that I may help in whatever I need to do!!! I appreciate you Sir!!

  61. I always listen on AM because I think the FCC will kill off the licenses if we don’t.   It’s all talk radio!

  62. You are a true warrior Eddy!!

  63. Hi Eddy.
    Count me in. How do we fight Grisham? How do we fight they stole election?  Im angry and dont know what to do.

  64. Eddy know how disgusted and sick i feel about biden win for obama agenda.Trump has to be our president or the sick democraps destroy and reverse all trump good for all.

  65. You got it spot on the people forgot the the Political works for the People. 

  66. Although I am not a native New Mexican I consider it home and will die here.  There is nowhere else I would ever  want to live and it's a good feeling to fight for what you believe in.  Thanks to the incompetent leaders that run this state I have no internet at my home, so I drive to a community center and sit in my car to connect.  I will support you by subscribing to your channel on my next trip.  Much appreciation to Dowd and Rudy Grande.  

  67. Why was a company named Robis at 2910 B Girard NE needing a rush order of ballots printed weeks before the election through
    Aspen PrintingHundreds of thousands

  68. Hey Eddy, 
    Powerful Show.
    As you know, I was born here and although my Parents moved here in the 30s, I'm still a Native and Do Care about ABQ. That's why I Backed you as Mayor, Support You Now, and Despite Much Criticism on my News, I continue to Tell it Like it is. Thanks to you, and your continued support.

  69. I’m a native New Mexican, praying for you and the message of truth.  Love your show, keeps me informed on TRUTH.  

  70. Hi Eddie do you think John Lennon would have been a conservative today

  71. Who can we get to continue a previous lawsuit or start a new one with the intent of getting to the Supreme Court? I’m willing to donate some money, let’s get NM in the courts before she gets more power in January Just signed up as a founding member on rockoftalk.chat. Thanks for what you do Eddy.

  72. Chairman Mao....I always thought it was carrying pictures of Germans now...lol learn something new

  73. Take her now!

  74. Eddy  we need to infuse the arteries  of government with Republicans  and drain the veins of the detritus of democrats from all local , county and state government offices

  75. NO! Dr Fouchi is part of the machine.It is beyond time that we all strive to be the best person we can be, as opposed to the best minority in the room.For any who have not watched it "The Plot Against the President" is free on Amazon Prime. It predates the election, but reveals the desperation of the Swamp.

  76. Eddy, how long will obama's ego last with biden getting more votes than he did!!!

  77. Us regular humans could never understand the intellect of a life long politician how dare you question him! 

    Also can you play the thanksgiving turkey song by Adam Sandler for some holiday spirt😁

  78. In an argument with a liberal turd coworker he informed me Biden outperformed Hillary and Obama nowhere except, Milwaukee, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Atlanta because of...wait for it...population growth. How stupid is that excuse?

  79. Thanks guys.luv you startion and have been listening for quite awhile.POTUS TRUMP will still be POTUS on the APRIL 1st.2021

  80. I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ vampire weekend!!!!!

  81. I was your first caller and you asked me to text you so I am texting you and please feel free to use this number to call me back I will help you and my fellow New Mexicans  as well as the cause of Liberty and freedom anyway I canIs there a place I can send you a resume? I'd like to help you launch something with regards to the election in 2 yearsMark my words Eddie, if DWI Deb goes to DC you will see massive quantities of public lands given over to tribal groups and access for fishermen, hikers, another Outdoors people will forever be blocked by those tribes once the land is taken from Bureau of Land Management and given over to the tribal groups.

  82. Hi Eddy
    I am a loyal listener and stand behind you! Tell everyone I know to tune in
    I am a small business owner (actually 2 Businesses)
    I am supposed to be shutdown, but I am standing strong and open! 
    Show me the court ordered warrant!! 😊 Thank you