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  1. Eddy: read Megan McArdle's conservative hate speech in today's Journal.  Quote her:  "I told one, whose enormous brood of Catholic siblings are now raising enormous Catholic broods of their own."  And "But even the most accurate tests miss a significant number of infections as the White House keeps virtually demonstrating."  All Trump's fault,  again.  Yeah right, McArdle.  You want a medal, or a chest to pin it on?

  2. Eddy: Greg Zanetti's interview this morning was terrifying. I have no idea what to think about America now. it seems that if you while, and burn stores, and trash and smash windows, pull down statues and just terrorize Society, well then you're going to get your way.  Horrible.  

  3. I like the Liberty Ladies as well. Would like to see Miss XXXX with her own show again and XXX. with her own show. Clearly, I don't know what's happening behind-the-scenes, but, by all means, associate with people who appreciate who are and what you're doing.

  4. I’ve checked the chat site, I like it so far.  Going to subscribe soon.  Keep up the good work.  

  5. State-by-state breakdown of federal aid per COVID-19 case


  6. Updated 2 hours ago


  7. This is how the globalists are now attacking all farmers in America. 

    The globalists have found a new way to produce milk WITHOUT cows. That is the next move. 

    PFAS Chemicals Are Turning Up In Milk, Eggs, Fruit And Closing Farms

    Such long-lived "fluorinated" compounds have been measured in the drinking water in over 600 locations in 43 states, near factories or military bases that use them in firefighting foams. Best known as PFAS chemicals (short for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), they line numerous waterproof consumer goods, from hiking shoes to pizza boxes.


  8. God Bless you Eddie for all you do. I am afraid of the fallout, but ready for whatever comes my way.

  9. Hi Eddy, Just curious on what the latest numbers are for impeach MLG? I sent mine into you weeks months ago thanks for all you do.

  10. House Caucus leadership vote, Townsend 3 no confidence votes, Rod got all his votes, Dow and Candy tied and we are voting again 

  11. Eddy,  2021_  If they put bite me In a White House. I don't know what I'm going to do on a be so angry and so depressed I mean a lot more than I am right now. And when I'm not happy and I talk to people I make people laugh all time I'm a very funny person and that has been shut down quite a bit I can't see people's expressions on there faces I can't read people they can't read me I feel like I'm living in China with the sars Halloween mask.  And that is 1/10 of 1% that's actually going to happen.  I can't celebrate Thanksgiving the way I want too am eating  by myself. I  have pop tarts in the morning a ham sandwich at noon I may have frozen pizza for supper harness  I have better food to cook. Well why are we in a tone of the way is I can't eat all it I can't donate it Due to the virus.
     I do a lot of things Eddy,  From Archeology Welding, Working on my truck, I'm a pit man for racers here in town. Everything I'm involved in is very people oriented I guess is the best way to put it.    

  12. Good morning. Can you tell me the name of the Dr that was talking about Covid yesterday around 430pm? He was very very interesting .i want to share what he said with others.

  13. Hey Eddy. I’m a subscriber on RockofTalk.chat. Is there a any way you can post that 30 minute audio by the immunologist there, as a separate post, so that I can send it out to a few select people? Nobody knows this stuff. The entire population is being fed false information. You’re the only media source that has the “stones” to find and broadcast the truth. Thank you Eddy.

  14. New Mexico Governor Accused of Causing ‘Modern Breadlines’ with Coronavirus Lockdown Orders https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/11/24/new-mexico-governor-accused-of-causing-modern-breadlines-with-coronavirus-lockdown-orders/

    Thought you might be interested in this. 

  15. well this is an interesting alert "due to a recent chrome update your browser no longer supports this station click on the Icon below to keep listening to other stations". I cannot sign in to the 93.7 Rock of talk on my computer.

  16. Hi eddy i just heard on saturday at the protest in santa fe that crunch had shut down for one day cuz the gov sent them a message threat then got lawyered up and are open this info was from

  17. So how are you feeling about Trumps chances now? I’m thinking the courts aren’t going to help him and I thought they just might a week ago .  Unless Powell or woof drops a bomb this week

  18. This is what mass looked like at St. Bernadette.  They roped off the pews to only allow for 2 people in every other seat.  So much for families sitting together.
    MLG and Wicked Wester’s treatment of people is just horrid.

  19. Greg zanetti is always fascinating and Yearin is it? Sounds like he knows his stuff. I couldn't take notes fast enough!! Thanks Eddie for all you do

  20. The whole show was incredible today just really learned so much!!

  21. ...whatever plans they have to remain in control,  will not work.  The Light is on the planet and has taken charge.  Whatever is occurring now is being played out as the very end game. 

  22. Liked Yearden and your opening 30 mins.  Zanetti was good but hard to listen to. Reality therapy.

  23. PCR is a little more complicated than being “forensic”.  But this guy is correct about is that it doesn’t distinguish between live infectious and convalescent, with left over genetic materials. 

    Most of this is accurate.  

    There is controversy about varying the cycles performed in the Polymerase Chain Reaction, making it too sensitive.  That is plausible, but don’t know if labs are really doing that. 

    Everyone talks about T-cell and T-cell memory immunity, but never about B-cell memory cells.  B-cells are the line of cells responsible for antibody production.  

    God forbid these people lockdown every respiratory virus season.  Hospitals all over the country are near or above their ICU census during these season.    Flu, pneumonia, now COVID.  Every year we prepare for the worse Dodged SARS and Ebola. 

    Should see if Dowd can find out how many influenza tests are being done.  Entering the season, they should be done together for symptoms.  

    Good interview.  Too bad it’s science that the progressives never learned or want to suppress.  

  24. Kudos on the piece that you just played with Dr. Michael Yeardin (spel?)!
    What absolutely vital information for the public to have. THANK YOU for finding it, and, of course, for playing it. 
    I think it would help a lot of people if you played this again (and even again after that...a) so people can be informed...b) it contained a lot of information that many need to grasp...and c) it blows Lunatic Lujan's and DisScrace's fake data out of the water. She's always claiming how important it is that we need to follow "the data" and "listen to the scientists"....
    She'll dismiss this as conspiracy theory, of course.
    Have a good night!

  25. Could you or Dowd investigate the issue with the PCR test which is used to "detect" Covid and the issue of excessive amplification of nasal swab samples resulting in a huge number of probable false positives? These tests pick up inactive or noninfectious amounts of the virus but people are being held hostage due to these positive tests.

  26. Is Greg Zanetti's presentation available for sharing ie. You Tube
    His talks relating history to present are so impactful.

  27. Re MLG at strip club, OMG...PASS THE MIND BLEACH

  28. Hi Eddy, it makes sense that we’re the only state with people lining up hours to get groceries. Everyone I’ve talked to said only if people would comply. We’re dead last in education, it’s all now come into play.

  29. Eddy/ I caught the last end of that British doctor tonight. I tried to find it on your site I couldn't. Could you text me where I can find that to show my friends and family?

  30. Eddy, They (the Government) can't stem the flow of guns into cities such as Detroit, Chicago, New York, they ain't taking anything guns from law abiding citizens!

  31. I was watching the news last night Fox News and evidently the law states is that the police cannot come to your house your home and find you for having a gathering at your house it's illegal and the chief of police does not have to respond to any of that they cannot do tell you what to do and your own private home so if people want to have their Thanksgiving dinner gathering at home I'm under the impression that you cannot find people for having a Thanksgiving dinner at their house so that is against the law so maybe you can check into that for us Eddy thank you appreciate you

  32. Why concede? Dems believe everyone is a winner!

  33. Eddy:  bear in mind that liberalism is all about breaking the law, pushing the envelope doing things that are outside of society like raising families. That's what being a liberal is breaking the law write it down.

  34. I have an idea and I think you would be perfect to lead a nation wide movement.. There are millions of Patriots out there floundering around trying to figure out what to do? Were lost. I was thinking.... If we could unit all of us and coordinate a campaign like the left does we could make organizations pay attention. We would need to direct everyone to one site like Parlor to get information without fear of censure... The masses of Patriots could say cancel their Netflix subscription as the Obamas are targeting our President in some documentary to try and turn him into a joke... You will no doubt have better ideas but I think you understand where Im going with this. We have power in numbers ..We need to unite our efforts..
    We need your help Eddie...

  35. What is the audio that you played that was talking about cold positives in covid testing?

  36. Sorry guys but new mexicans voted for this legisjature   new  mexicans are just plain damn stupid   new mexico doesnt have a swamp we  have a sewer 

  37. Hi, Eddie
    While looking at the lines outside food stores, I couldn’t help thinking “Welcome to the New World Order under Joe Biden”

  38. He is correct. US officers are not comfortable enforcing public health orders due to the livelihood of the people living in our communities

  39. This is one of the most egregious evils perpetrated on our state.  This is outside of Sam’s Club. Sam’s club! Our governor is an evil witch

  40. Here’s the MLG line at Costco on Eubank

  41. My good friend works at the ABQ metro court and says 1, they have not had 1 citation show up for violating the gov Covid orders and 2, they don’t have a legal way to accept the citation fines at the court. Maybe violations go to the district court but I bet they don’t have a way to process the fines either.   Not legally, prescribed by law.

  42. What is that dr.’s name again.  I want to listen to the entire recording.  What I heard was really good.

  43. I was unable to listen to all of the special you just ran on the t-cells versus antibodies and the false positive rates. Is there a place I can download it to listen to the whole thing?

  44. Do you have a link to this guy talking?

  45. I'll be telecommuting from Pagosa Springs CO, starting in January.  Taking my salary with me.

  46. What’s up with the organic romaine scare packed on 10/23 and 10/24

  47. I simply Googled Dominion. They own Premier Election Sysrems, and Sequoia Voting Systems.
    Then I researched who owns all three.
    It is State Street Capital.
    Then, I looked at it's principal's. And, where they came from. That led me to Carlyle and Cerberus.
    Carlyle is the octopus.
    It is tied into everything.
    I thought the links might be helpful because I took pages of notes from them which helped me to understand just how interlinked the politicians are with the financiers.
    That is, the specific players.  The same names kept coming up.

  48. The governor of New Mexico is trying to take more power IN SECRET! 

    Are you sick and tired of these lockdowns?
    You must call your local state representatives and tell Them to vote NO!!

  49. You'll have now I'm signing up Friday as a Christmas present to myself but I got to tell you about the terrible analysis what's going on is why Republicans don't know how to win. Talking about accepting it no way will I ever accept the fact that they turned off the counting for 2 hours so they could cheat with the machines

  50. Texas is freedom! Everything open,  food trucks,  parks,  stores,  restaurants.  I had forgotten what it was like to live in a free world. On my drive, I saw many, many vehicles with NM license plates leaving the state, headed to Tx


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