2020 Voter Fraud Has Nothing on Manny Gonzales

What is it with Democrats and voter fraud?

2020 Dominion machines have nothing on Manny Gonzales’ campaign. For the second time in a month Manny was found guilty Friday of committing voter fraud during the qualifying portion of this November’s mayoral race. 

The Albuquerque Board of Campaign Ethics fined him $2,000 for forging voters signatures and paying the $5 contributions. One woman whose name and signature were found on Manny’s fraudulent paperwork was in the hospital recovering from a heart attack!

“Jan Wright was reading the news and found her mother’s signature was among the forgery allegations. The date of the signature was on June 1, but Wright said her mother suffered a massive heart attack and she was by her mother’s side all day on June 1.”

“Nobody came to get a signature, and later on when she recovered, I showed her copies of the petition and the qualifying card and she said she did not give anybody any money,” Wright said.

This is how you know Manny’s a Democrat. He can’t win without cheating. 

Is this the kind of “leadership” Albuquerque residents want at city hall? Is this the kind of behavior we should expect from of the top law enforcement officers in the state? Is this the type of corruption we should put in charge of our city budget?

Absolutely not!

Eddy Aragon is the only candidate to have ZERO qualifying signatures thrown out. We were FLAWLESS, gathering the required number of signatures and contributions in RECORD TIME.

Was Manny jealous at our level of competence? Is that why he got his minions filed a lawsuit to get Eddy off the ballot? For as much time as Manny has spent in the courtroom trying and failing to defend his reputation as a law man, you’d think suing people to improve your chances winning an election would be a step too far.

This is how Democrats are, and any Republican who supports this type of unethical behavior should leave the party. That includes John Rockwell, Jay Block, Trudy Jones, and Bill Rehm. 

Albuquerque has suffered enough under Democrat control. It’s time to come together and support the ONE REPUBLICAN in this race or mayor.

Here is the latest endorsement from the Republican Party of New Mexico.

Dear Friends,

On October 5 polls open, and Albuquerque residents face a big decision — who will run the Duke City for the next four years?

The people of Albuquerque need a strong alternative.

Eddy Aragon is the conservative voice and the candidate who will make things happen. He’s the only Republican on the ballot in the mayoral race.

RPNM supports Eddy Aragon for mayor as the only Republican candidate, and the party supports all our GOP candidates up and down the ballot.

Under Mayor Tim Keller and his Democratic administration, Albuquerque politics leans heavily to the left, and the damage has been done: something is rotten in the city of Albuquerque.

At present, crime is out of control in Albuquerque. Daily shootings and record numbers of murder plague the city and instill fear among its citizens. Albuquerque remains one of the most dangerous cities in the nation.

It’s not just crime that shatters daily life in Albuquerque. The city’s economy is in shambles as more and businesses suffer under its weak leadership and COVID restrictions.

Eddy Aragon wants to move things in a new direction. He’s ready to defeat the Democrats, and he has a plan. Aragon is ready to prioritize city issues and work with the state to make the Duke City a better place to live and to raise a family.

Aragon is prepared. Aragon is ready. Aragon has a vision.

Albuquerque will have a future.

As a Republican mayor, he will promote personal choice, protect your freedoms and remove mask and vaccine mandates. Aragon will boost morale in the city and take into a new direction. He will remove the embarrassing ART transportation project — a massive boondoggle that’s been a danger and a disaster. As mayor Aragon will redevelop Albuquerque, return our restaurants and help to reopen shuttered businesses as a result of COVID. He will generate new initiatives to revitalize the city’s dying economy. Under Aragon’s leadership, the economic heartbeat of the city will be strong.

Perhaps most importantly, Aragon will actually DO something to stop the soaring crime in Albuquerque. He will carefully analyze and restructure the Police Department and take an active approach to solve the crime crisis. He will weed out corruption, boost police pay and make the right changes that will lead to greater public safety.

Other Aragon priorities include challenging the COVID “science” and properly dealing with the homelessness problem.

Let’s get a Republican back in Albuquerque’s City Hall and get the Duke City on the right track. Let’s make Albuquerque the city it can be, and one we all can be proud of.

Eddy Aragon is the Republican choice for mayor, and the right choice for Albuquerque.