It's Time for Eddy
Keller and Manny launch last minute efforts to change their records of the last 4 years
Eddy Aragon wins all the debates, gets 3315 signatures to be on the ballot without a single one thrown out and takes on the Mayor and the Sheriff…
Conservative Radio Station still off the air on 93.7 FM / AM 1600 KIVA
Rock of Talk "Daily Fives" for Conservatives - Thursday, October 6th, 2022Listen now (5 min) | This newsletter makes keeping up easy! History, Entertainment, Birthdays, Videos, Articles, Texts, Local, US, World Wires and…
The Rock of Talk "Daily Fives" for Conservatives + Yesterday's Radio Show Audio / TV Show - Thursday, November 3rd, 2022Listen now (134 min) | WE are obsessed with midterms, Keller at 33%, Trump has higher approvals than Biden and Keller, Pelosi is more believable than…
Mayor Tim Keller and Sheriff Manny Gonzales are as corrupt as they come here in New Mexico
Still silent on Cuomo, five months later
We have the 1st commercial of any Mayoral candidate, made 10,000 calls, put out nearly a 1000 yard signs and handed out 1000 bumper stickers and we are…
It's all about the numbers! It's all about the debates!
Since the mayoral campaign started nobody has had a clue what Manny Gonzales is talking about. Not even Manny.
A New Mexican confirms COVID-19's dearth of deaths