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Eddy Aragon is the CEO of The Rock of Talk - ABQ.FM / AM 1600 KIVA

Eddy has spent the last ten years building a platform focused on talk radio programming and developing new ways of consuming audio entertainment, including news and music.

Eddy is an 11th Generation New Mexican, a graduate of the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, and has worked in Washington D.C. on several campaigns and Presidential Candidates.

In the private sector, Eddy worked for 13 years in the Commercial Real Estate industry in Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada, for CBRE. From 2007-2009 Eddy was the number one Commercial Real Estate Broker by the number of transactions completed in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He currently hosts the afternoon talk program called “The Rock of Talk” on ABQ.FM and AM 1600 K-I-V-A. He is a regular contributor on various media outlets, including New Mexico In Focus, CNN, Fox News, and the Sean Hannity Show, as well as on over 40 radio interviews throughout the country.

Eddy participates in the public sphere with a run for Mayor of Albuquerque in 2021, a Congressional Run placing 2nd in the Republican Primary, and lost the Republican Party Chair position by one vote.

Eddy Aragon - eddy@rockoftalk.com | Cell / Text: 505.550.5500

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The Rock of Talk - Eddy Aragon 

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