Eddy Aragon - “The Rock of Talk”

Eddy Aragon is the CEO of The Rock of Talk - ABQ.FM / AM 1600 KIVA

Eddy has spent the last ten years building a platform focused on talk radio programming and developing new ways of consuming audio entertainment including news and music.

Eddy is an 11th Generation New Mexican, a graduate of the University of New Mexico with a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and a Bachelors Degree in Economics and has worked in Washington D.C., worked on several campaigns and Presidential Candidates.

In the private sector Eddy worked for 13 years in the Commercial Real Estate industry in Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada for CBRE. From 2007-2009 Eddy was the number one Commercial Real Estate Broker by number of transactions completed in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He currently hosts the afternoon talk program called “The Rock of Talk” on ABQ.FM and AM 1600 K-I-V-A. He is a regular contributor on various media outlets including New Mexico In Focus, CNN, Fox News and the Sean Hannity Show as well as on over 40 radio interviews on radio stations throughout the country.

Eddy Aragon - eddy@rockoftalk.com | Cell / Text: 505.550.5500

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D. Dowd Muska - “Dowd 3000”

D. Dowd Muska is a researcher, writer, editor, and commentator. His focus is the nexus of fiscal policy, economic development, and technology.

Raised on an orchard in the Connecticut River Valley, Dowd loved liberty from an early age. Growing up in the Era of Reagan, Dowd was heavily influenced by both the Gipper and a bureaucrat-hating father who seldom had praise for “public servants.”

At 18, Dowd went off to D.C. to study government at The George Washington University. A career with the national Republican Party was the goal, but the more he saw of it, the less Dowd wanted to do with the GOP. Besides, his neoconnish weltanschauung was giving way to old-school libertarianism, and by graduation time, Potomac Fever had given way to Potomac Disgust.

Dowd went westward after D.C., first to New Mexico and then to Nevada. At 27, he returned to his home state for what was to be a brief stay. In 2004, Dowd became an uncle, and spent much of the next 11 years caring for his healthy, happy, and off-the-scale-IQ nephew. He returned to New Mexico in 2015.

His writing has appeared in newspapers throughout the nation, including Newsday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, The Detroit News, the Orlando Sentinel, the Cape Cod Times, the Santa Fe New Mexican, the Hartford Courant, the Waco Tribune-Herald, the Albuquerque Journal, the New Haven Register, and The Oklahoman.

Dowd can be reached at dowd@dowdmuska.com. Follow him on Twitter @DowdMuska.